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House Cleaning Services Wichita KSWhy Margaret McHenry?

“Everything in life has to have balance.” Donna Karen, designer

The age old debate between “quantity” and “quality” still exists today. We can do everything ourselves, however, I believe the more fruitful question to ask is, “Should we do everything?” and the answer to that question has formed the foundation of my new approach to the lifestyles of my clients.

House Cleaning Services Wichita

The Rothchilds’ kitchen staff, England, 1911.

Having successfully grown over the last seventeen years, I was urged to implement what I have gained from my experiences to re-create the company on a level exceeding clients’ expectations. With a new approach came a new image.

House Cleaning Services Wichita

Male staffing for Petsworth House, 1870s.

The icons of perfection in service are the proverbial maids and butlers of Great Britain: their devotion to excellence is without peer. When I chose Margaret McHenry, I wasn’t just choosing a new name for my service, I was making a public commitment to excellence and quality in line with the British lineage of cleaning. Margaret McHenry provides the modern world with a reminder of the proud heritage of home management and that cleaning has a pedigree, perfected by centuries of diligence I hope to carry on.

To learn more about the British servant class, and the grand estates and manors in which they lived and served, please visit my newly updated and expanded boards on Pinterest!

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