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Who We Serve



Busy Professional[+]

  • Your home is your greatest financial investment and we know you desire to take care of it.
  • A clean home is a home-management necessity.
  • We can clean your home expertly, freeing you to do what you do best.
  • Margaret McHenry Maids offers competitive rates for luxurious service.
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Busy Family[+]

  • Children grow so quickly, and are involved in so many activities. You don’t want to miss anything in order to clean your home.
  • Take control of your household: get the cleaning done all at once to free-up time for those tasks only you can do.

Single Mom/Dad[+]

  • You wear so many hats already: parent, nurse, cook, provider.
  • You want to make the time you have with your children count.


  • A clean home means something to a potential mate; it communicates that you understand domestic life and take responsibility to maintain a nice household.

Professional Apartment Dweller[+]

  • You’re so busy trying to make your path in life with work, meetings and nightlife. This isn’t the season to worry about a clean home.
  • You choose to live in an apartment so you don’t have to worry about all the things that go with home ownership (lawn care, home maintenance, etc.). A choice to turn over home cleaning to professionals increases lifestyle independence and convenience.
  • We are experts in cleaning; this frees you to do those things you do best.
  • It’s not economical for you to clean when a maid can do it faster, better and more efficiently.

Retired Couple[+]

  • You want to simplify life. The kids are gone… you spent years picking up/cleaning up after them. In these golden years, your schedule shouldn’t be wasted on time-consuming tasks.
  • This is the season to enjoy your time together and prioritize traveling, hobbies and grandchildren.
  • You didn’t downsize when the kids moved. You kept the family home for when they visit and eventually bring their children home. You need help maintaining all those rooms that don’t get as much use, but still need to be cared for and kept fresh.

Upscale Homeowner[+]

  • You desire a service that is sophisticated and refined.
  • You appreciate the “familiar but detached” aspect of having a business provide your home services, rather than an individual.
  • Your home has high-maintenance materials, such as marble, hardwood floors, granite, etc., so you require a discriminating service that will properly care for and maintain your home on a regular basis.


  • You want to live in your home but can’t perform the necessary tasks to clean it yourself.
  • You need to know the service you hire is careful, safe and insured.