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House Cleaning Services Wichita KSUnexpected Things You Never Knew You Had to Clean

House Cleaning Services Wichita

You’re great at keeping up on standard house cleaning, but there are probably a few things that don’t make it to your list. Here are a few of the unexpected things that need some attention.


Personal Items

Do your personal items need a good dusting or washing? Some examples of things that fall into this category include your bath and body products in the bathroom, makeup and perfume in your bedroom and books in the living room. If you have too many things to fit into your normal cleaning schedule, break them down into categories so you don’t get overwhelmed.


Lampshades and Other Cloth Items

Lampshades, curtains and items made of similar materials collect dust and grime. Your interior decorating gets thrown off completely if the decor color gets thrown off by this. You can usually get by with running a duster or microfiber cloth over these areas occasionally. If any of them are located near the kitchen, you may have to contend with grease and other cooking-related grime.


Cleaning Tools

Your cleaning tools can’t get everything nice and sparkly if they’re dirty. Your vacuum is one of the biggest culprits in this area, but pay close attention to your sponges, mops, brooms, and dustpans. Some supplies may need to be replaced rather than cleaned, so pay close attention to everything’s overall condition. Don’t be afraid to toss something out when it’s beyond its useful lifespan.

For small appliances, like your vacuum and carpet cleaner, read through the instructions to see if they have specialized cleaning requirements. The materials may need to be washed in specific ways to avoid any damage. Always dry appliances thoroughly before you turn them back on.

Stay on top of consumables such as filters. Your cleaning tools may end up being dirtier than expected if these items don’t get swapped out once they’re no longer effective.


Everyday Items

Are you giving your everyday items any attention when you’re tidying up? Your coffee machine, Keurig, television remote, smartphones and computer keyboard get a lot of use. Since they see a lot of traffic and handling, the dirt builds up but may not get cleaned off regularly. Light switches and door knobs are other common parts of the house that fall into this category. Try to fit these items in your weekly cleaning checklist.



Houseplants have a ton of flat surfaces that can attract dust. It’s not great for your home decor look or the plant’s health. Luckily, you can take care of this problem relatively easy. Get a mister to spray the plants with to remove the dust. If you have artificial plants, break out the duster or microfiber cloth instead. If it seems like your plants accumulate far too much dust, look into repositioning them in your home or putting an air purifier in place.


House Cleaning Services Wichita

Trying to remember every single thing that you need to clean can be daunting, but these areas end up falling through the cracks the most. Margaret McHenry Maids, a home cleaning company in Wichita, can take care of these in their detailed house cleaning services.

For more information about home cleaning, or to get a cleaning estimate, contact Margaret McHenry Maids of Wichita. You’ll get access to home management services, including detailed home cleanings and the expanded en residence management services.

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