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House Cleaning Services Wichita

House Cleaning in Wichita

While you love keeping your home looking as beautiful and clean as possible, there are some house cleaning tasks that are simply more challenging than others. Here are some tips to make house cleaning easier for your home’s tough areas.


1. Emptying the Vacuum Bag

Before emptying the bag, make sure you run the vacuum for approximately 20 seconds to get all residual dust and dirt from the machine down into the bag. Plastic bins or reusable bags should be held inside a large plastic garbage bag and shaken out. Disposable bags can be pulled out and emptied after taping the hole on the bag so excess debris doesn’t come out during the process.


2. Cleaning Hard-to-Reach Ceiling Fan Blades

Real Simple provides several suggestions for safely and efficiently cleaning ceiling fans. For starters, it’s important to tape down the switch for safety. Then drop old sheets on the floor to catch excess dust. Spray the inside of a pillow case with a water and white vinegar mixture. Using a stepladder that puts your vision above the blades, slide the pillowcase over each of the blades. Slowly pull it back to trap the dust.


3. Decrumbing the Toaster

Start by unplugging the toaster and emptying it upside down to remove the large crumbs. Use canned air and a small, soft paint brush to remove excess crumbs. The outside of the toaster can be sanitized by using one part white vinegar to two parts water. Wrap a damp cloth with this mixture around a wooden spoon and carefully clean all the outer edges. Make sure the toaster is completely dry before using it again.


4. Scouring the Kitchen Trash Can

Few items get dirtier than a kitchen trash can. According to kitchn, after completely emptying the container the best way to get it thoroughly clean is to hose it down. If a hose isn’t available, this can be done in the bathtub. Then it’s time to disinfect and scrub the inside with a long bristle brush. Rinse again and let it air dry, outside the house if possible. Put a few dryer sheets at the bottom of a trash to keep it smelling fresh.


5. Cleaning Heating and Air-Conditioning Vents

Turn the fan off while you are cleaning the vents so dust that comes loose will be completely removed. Dengarden recommends covering all supply registers with a paper towel before starting. The next step is to reach into open vents with a long handled brush to loosen and sweep out as much dust and debris as possible. Finally, remove the paper towels from each register, then clean each one with a vacuum hose. Don’t change the old furnace filter until you’ve finished cleaning.


6. Cleaning Behind the Refrigerator

After pulling the refrigerator out, use a refrigerator coil brush to clean the condenser coils. Then wipe down the wall and back of the refrigerator before mopping the floor. Make sure the entire area is completely dry before pushing the refrigerator back into place. This should be done at least twice a year to keep dust from building up on the coils.


7. Scrubbing Shower Doors

Better Homes & Gardens suggests cutting lemons and dipping them in baking soda to clean shower doors. Using lemon oil after cleaning the doors is a great way to repel water so the soap doesn’t dry on the glass. To keep buildup from accumulating on a daily basis, wipe down glass doors with a microfiber cloth after showering.

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