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House Cleaning in Wichita

House cleaning can be a tedious task that never seems to end. No sooner do you finish one cleaning chore that another one needs to be done. Even after you’ve cleaned the house sufficiently from top to bottom, before the week is over, well-trafficked areas in the house will likely need to be cleaned again. Alas, this is just a necessary part of owning a home, but thankfully, there are also ways to make the house cleaning easier, less time-consuming and more efficient.


Schedule a Time for House Cleaning

Preparing a set time and day for house cleaning is more practical than just continually saying to yourself, “I need to clean this house soon.” Without a solid commitment to clean and time set aside to do it, it isn’t likely to get done when you need to do it or in an efficient manner.


Get Motivated

Before it is time to clean, imagine how nice the house will look when the chores are done. Find music you can listen to while you clean that instills you with good feelings and energy. Use the satisfaction garnered from each completed chore to increase your motivation.


Dress For Success

What you wear when you clean can affect how well you clean. If you are afraid of getting your clothes dirty, you probably won’t be very thorough. Set aside certain comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting a little dirty as your “cleaning clothes,” along with an apron that can hold additional supplies, and you’ll feel ready to tackle any cleaning chore.


Invest in Proper Tools

There’s no point in purchasing cheap cleaning supplies if you are going to have to keep replacing them because they break or just don’t do what they promise. Look for tools that exhibit features that make certain tasks easier, read the reviews to be sure you are getting a quality tool and you’ll be thanking yourself every time you clean.


Tote Your Tools

After you’ve gotten all your special cleaning tools and materials, you’ll need something to store them and carry them around. A tote can be anything from a decent-sized bucket or tray to a specialized tote with multiple compartments. Stock it with the items you use the most around the house. You may also wish to stock additional totes with items you will need for each room, such as the bathroom or the kitchen.


Simplify Supplies

Many house cleaning products are multifunctional. Find what works best, such as a multi-surface cleaner, and you may be able to eliminate several other products from the roster. Another example that can help you cut down on extra equipment is a vacuum that handles both wood floors, rugs and carpets and also has a steam clean attachment.


Make Every Moment Count

While you can’t just speed through the house cleaning and expect things to be sufficiently clean, you can improve the time it takes to do certain tasks. The right supplies, the right tips and the right schedule can help you discover better, faster ways to handle certain house cleaning chores while still ensuring that they are done properly.

Of course, you may not always have time to clean as much as you would like or as much as the house may require it. For more information about home cleaning, or to get a cleaning estimate, contact Margaret McHenry Maids of Wichita. You’ll get access to home management services, including detailed house cleanings and the expanded en residence services. We offer competitive rates for expert, luxurious attention to your home.

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