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House Cleaning

Putting your home in order can be overwhelming if you are busy with all the other family duties and tasks that make up daily life. How can you clean your house efficiently without feeling drained? Here are some easy tips to follow:


1. Have a Schedule

Divide your cleaning time into 15-minute bursts of activity. Choose one room in the house and dedicate only 15 minutes to cleaning it. Don’t try to do more than the allotted time. After 15 minutes, move on to the next task.

Another way to schedule your cleaning is to assign a different room to a different day of the week. Trying to clean the whole house in a single day can be overwhelming. Then, take the weekends off — you deserve it!


2. Eliminate Distractions When Cleaning

If having the television on while cleaning distracts you, simply turn it off. Also, log out of your email if you’re tempted to run to your computer when you get an inbox notification. Similarly, turn off your phone if you want a clear and quiet space at home while you’re tidying up.


3. Look for Areas That Need the Most Cleaning Attention

When you are expecting guests, your home’s living room, hallway and bathroom are the first rooms you’d like to pay attention to. But there could be other areas that need more attention, such as your children’s room, which may have piles of toys that leave your kids no space for walking. Take time to sit down and list your priorities before getting on with your cleaning day. Planning is time well spent.


4. Gather All the Required Cleaning Gear

If you don’t have all your cleaning supplies at hand when you’re cleaning, you end up wasting time going around the house whenever you need something. A bucket can hold several cleaning items, and you can carry it around with you from room to room. Make sure your tools are organized before tackling the real work with elbow grease.


5. Take Stock of Your Values and Valuables

When de-cluttering your home, ask yourself if the miscellaneous items you have gathered over the years are still valuable to you. If they’re not, and if they are simply taking up precious space and gathering dust, don’t feel bad about getting rid of them. You can give the items to charity, sell them, or, if they are too worn or used, dispose of them.

If your children have toys they don’t play with anymore, teach the kids to share their toys with others who are less fortunate. You can help them pack up old and unused toys or books and then donate them.


6. Get Extra Help

Finally, if you don’t have the time or energy to properly clean your home, ask for help. Joined forces are better than taking on the task alone. You’ll be amazed at the benefits of having a house cleaning or maid service do the cleaning for you. If you seek the help of a cleaning professional, you can then have more time for other more important tasks, such as doing fun activities with your loved ones, working out and relaxing.

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