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House Cleaning Services Wichita KSHow to Dust Your Home Properly

 House Cleaning Services Wichita

Dusting may not be your favorite part of housekeeping, but it helps keep you healthy and your household clean if it’s done properly. Dust wafts in from outdoors through windows and under doors, hitches a ride on people and pets and can even be generated from within. Even though you can take preventative action such as checking your weather-stripping around doors and windows, placing doormats at entryways and vacuuming often, the battle against dust is never-ending. With average wind speeds of over 10 mph in Wichita, dust is always making its way into your home. Learn how to win the battle by dusting the right way every time.


Home Cleaning Tip 1: Work From the Top Down

When you start dusting, look up to the ceiling. Check corners for cobwebs, which attract lots of dust. Ceiling fans and light fixtures also catch dust as it blows from heat and air registers. Clean these items first and then work your way down to shelving, table tops and other surfaces.


Home Cleaning Tip 2: Dust Where You Can’t See

While you’re working your way from the top down, don’t forget those dust-attracting places that hide in plain sight. Tops of doors, molding, window treatments and even the walls themselves may have dust. As you work down, go deep into shelving and around picture frames and decorative items to remove the most dust.


Home Cleaning Tip 3: Dust Underneath Items

While you’re dusting items, don’t forget to pick them up and dust underneath. Books, collectibles, clocks and electronics likely have dust build-up underneath as well as on top. Carefully set the items aside while you wipe and make sure not to flick dust back on the objects you’ve already dusted off.


Home Cleaning Tip 4: Gently Guide the Cloth

For flat surfaces, make one smooth, continuous wipe along the surface from one end to the other. Stop before you get to the end or you’ll risk releasing the dust back into the air instead of trapping it inside the dusting cloth. For textured surfaces and knick-knacks, consider using a soft-bristled brush. It will get into all the deeper and delicate spots without fear of breaking off pieces.


Home Cleaning Tip 5: Avoid Using Sprays

Many dusting sprays contain oils that attract rather than repel dust. Using a quality dusting cloth without sprays is a better choice and will protect your surfaces from further damage.


Home Cleaning Tip 6: Dust Along the Grain

When dusting wood surfaces or items, always follow the grain of the wood. This will prevent subtle snags and catch the small grooves within the grain. This also applies for wood-grain-looks on plastic and other surfaces.


Home Cleaning Tip 7: Have Multiple Dusting Cloths on Hand

You always want to have more dusting cloths ready than you think you need. When one side starts to fill up with dust, turn it over and use the clean side. Once both sides are dirty, exchange the cloth for another one. Also keep multiple types of cloths at the ready. Microfiber dusting cloths are great for polishing and dusting many surfaces, while lambswool is gentle on furniture and large surfaces like walls. Electrostatic cloths are best on electronics and television and computer screens.


House Cleaning Services Wichita

If all else fails and you get overwhelmed with all the dusting that needs to be done in your Wichita home, consider hiring a cleaning service. You’ll get highly trained individuals who know exactly which cloths and devices to use to make your home sparkle and glow. And, you won’t have to lift a finger or get your own clothes covered in dust!


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