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House Cleaning Services Wichita
Springtime is when everything begins anew. Sunshine warms the earth, songbirds sing, and the air is perfumed with blooming flowers. Spring is also a time of rebirth, as babies are born and green plants emerge from the soil. Mother’s Day is a perfect reflection of this time of year. It’s a day that honors the sacred bond between mother and child. Show your mother how much you appreciate her love and support.


Timeless Mother’s Day gifts say “I love you,” while creating a lifetime of memories.


Jewelry with a Personal Touch
Jewelry might sound cliché, but there’s no denying its appeal as a Mother’s Day staple. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative! How about a beautiful locket that contains her favorite picture of you and your siblings? Or you can find a new charm for her charm bracelet that represents an experience you shared together. More traditional gifts, such as Pearl-Balance Earrings or an Open Hearts Necklace, can be enhanced with a handmade card and personalized message.


Perpetual Flowers
Everyone loves receiving flowers — especially mom. Why not send her flowers that never grow old? You can schedule a delivery every day, week, or month for however long you wish. Talk to your local florist, or seek out a flower subscription service such as Flower Muse or H.Bloom. The special lady in your life will be blessed with a fresh floral arrangement that continually brightens up her home!


Recreate a Family Portrait
Mothers cherish the young and innocent days of their children. Recreate her favorite photograph from your childhood with the help of a professional photographer. You and your siblings can reconstruct the same poses, clothing, and setting for a humorous and nostalgic look back. Find a service through Find a Photographer or SmartShoot to set the perfect mood.


Express Your Creativity!
Sign yourself and your mother up for a BYOB paint party and spend some quality time together. Share a mimosa or bottle of wine, while recreating a famous painting. Talk, laugh, reminisce, and make a lasting memory.


Send Her a Housekeeper for a Day
Give mom the day off by hiring a professional maid service to clean house. While Margaret McHenry makes her home fresh and beautiful, take mom on a spa outing where she can relax and receive the pampering she deserves.

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