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House Cleaning Services Wichita

After working all week, you don’t want to spend your leisure time cleaning the house. Since it has to get done, the goal is to have a clean house while spending as little time as possible getting it done. For that to happen, you need a plan of attack so you can completely clean your house in 45 minutes. The plan involves cleaning the main areas of your home living room, bathroom and kitchen in 15 minutes or less. Remember to set a timer for each room. Let’s get started.


Cleaning the Foyer and Living Room | 15 Minutes

The key to cleaning the living room in 15 minutes involves removing extraneous items — clothes, shoe, toys — as quickly as possible so you can spend the bulk of the 15 minutes sweeping or vacuuming and dusting. So gather everything that doesn’t belong in the living room and put it away quickly. Reserve three minutes for this task. Depending on the type of flooring you have, grab the broom or vacuum and clean the floors in the foyer and living room for the next seven minutes. When you finish vacuuming the floors, dust the area to end your 15 minutes.


Cleaning the Bathroom | 15 Minutes

The bathroom is a little trickier to clean in 15 minutes. The first thing you want to do is spray down your tub, toilet and sink area with the cleaning supplies you favor so they have a chance to soak, making cleaning the grime easier. You should only spend one to two minutes getting everything sprayed down and ready to go. Next, you’re going to clean your sink area first.

Cleaning the sink and counter area as well as the mirror in five minutes. Next, use a toilet brush to quickly clean the toilet in three minutes, giving the outside of the bowl a quick wipe down as well. Finally, spend the last five minutes scrubbing the tub/shower. If you find yourself with a minute or two to spare, give the floor a quick sweep before moving on to the next room.


Cleaning the Kitchen | 15 Minutes

This 15-minute kitchen clean only works if you have a dishwasher or very few dishes that need cleaning. Too many dishes, and you won’t be able to clean the kitchen in 15 minutes. To start, put whatever dirty dishes you have in the dishwasher or wash them manually. Don’t spend longer than five minutes on this task. From there, quickly clean the counters, wipe down the outside of the refrigerator and sweep the floor. You should be able to complete those tasks in under five minutes. With the time remaining, give the floor a quick mopping to finish up the kitchen.


Final Thoughts

With a little bit of planning and a timer, you can get most of your home clean in 45 minutes or less. However, let’s be real, sometimes you just don’t want to clean at all, regardless of how quickly you can get it done. For those moments you don’t want to clean, hire a cleaning service to do it for you.

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