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House Cleaning Services Wichita KSFour Must-Haves for Your Summertime Charcuterie Board

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As the weather gets warmer, it’s no surprise that your appetite may dwindle. With this in mind, you can still pull off an elegant evening of entertaining while catering to your guests’ tastebuds. And, the easiest and most impressive part of any dinner party? A customized charcuterie board! Our experts at Margaret McHenry Maids, the choice for house cleaning in Wichita, Kansas, understand the intricacies of creating and organizing a visually-appealing charcuterie board. Learn more about our four must-have ingredients below!

  • Choice Cheeses

    When arranging a charcuterie board, it’s best to stick with the basics and incorporate a few seasonal items as you go, beginning with cheeses. It’s been said that three is the magic number, with no exceptions here. While there are no specific varieties designated for a fan-favorite charcuterie board, our experts at Margaret McHenry Maids, the choice for house cleaning in Wichita, recommend choosing one soft cheese like brie or goat cheese, one hard or aged variety such as aged asiago or gouda, and a seasonal summer staple like feta! This way, not only will you have something everyone is sure to enjoy, but it will encourage your guests to try new flavor combinations.

  • Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

    The easiest way to elevate your charcuterie board is with fresh produce! Depending on what is available at your local market, try to curate various colors and textures, sticking with two to three fruits and vegetables. Strawberries, seedless grapes, and melons are some of our favorites, but you can also experiment with pears, cherries, and other fruits to customize your board to your guests’ preferences. When choosing vegetables, you can’t go wrong with cherry tomatoes and bell peppers, as they pair nicely with a variety of cheeses and add some additional color to your spread!

  • Sweet and Savory Spreads

    This is where the fun comes in—you can’t serve a charcuterie board without some classic dips and spreads! Alternate between a few sweet and savory spreads that can be served with your cheeses and fresh produce. Perhaps you opt for seasonal lavender honey to pair with your brie, or maybe a homemade hummus or fresh pesto to satisfy your summer tastebuds.

  • Additional Accompaniments

    Don’t forget about the must-have accompaniments! You may have the most premier cheeses and freshest fruit available, but your guests will still need something to eat them with. Serve a few vehicles for the cheese, such as hard baguettes and crackers. Then, follow up with some nuts, olives, and any other garnishes to complete your board. Make sure to consider any allergies your guests may have and avoid placing those elements directly onto your board. For a simple and elegant upgrade, our team recommends garnishing your board with a fresh sprig of rosemary or thyme for an aroma to whet the appetite!

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