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According to the design experts at HGTV, home staging is a decorating technique used to highlight a house’s most notable features and help prospective buyers imagine themselves living in your space. Margaret McHenry Maids, the award-winning provider of luxury house cleaning services in Wichita, Kansas, has compiled a list of the six most transformative home staging tips to help re-envision your space this year. Whether you are looking to attract potential buyers, preparing for a party, or trying to update your house’s appearance, you can utilize many of these home staging techniques to upgrade your home.

  • Simplify Your Furniture and Decor

    An essential element of any home staging process is making sure prospective buyers can fully see your home and appreciate all of its unique assets. The easiest way to display these assets and magnify your home’s character is to pare down the furniture. Not only will this allow prospective home buyers the opportunity to admire the natural stone fireplace and canted bay windows, but it will also make your living space appear larger. Consider removing unnecessary household clutter that disguises your sparkling marble countertops and pack away seasonal decor that disrupts the ambiance of the room. Remember, when it comes to staging your home, taking a minimalistic approach will allow your house to showcase itself.

  • Frame Your Space With Curtains

    Window treatments are the best-kept secret when it comes to home staging. When hung the correct way, drapes can enhance your windows’ appearance and create the illusion of a much larger space. Simply match the curtain panels to your wall color for a widening effect, or hang the drapes above the window, beginning at the ceiling and falling until they lightly brush the baseboards, to create the illusion of heightened ceilings. Be careful not to let the fabric puddle on the floor!

  • Minimize and Depersonalize

    When staging your home for the purpose of selling, it is beneficial to rid your space of personal decor to make it is easier for prospective buyers to imagine themselves in your home. It is best to create a blank canvas by removing family photos, ridding the bathroom countertops of personal items, and organizing your clothing before storing it out of sight. Consider minimizing the use of bold colors and unique accessories for a minimalistic approach.

  • Brighten Up With Mirrors

    Decorating with mirrors is a simple design technique that adds some versatile decor to the space. Since mirrors are universal, they can take the place of any obscure wall hangings or niche paintings, and their reflective quality opens up an entire area, making your room feel larger. Add a full-length mirror to brighten up a room corner or an entryway, or adorn your mantle with an ornamental mirror for an elegant effect.

  • Update Towels and Rugs

    To stage your bathroom, add some new towels to create a spa-like atmosphere. White towels are typically associated with a fresh and clean feeling, and the use of monochromatic hues can add light to your bathroom. While you are replacing your towels, reconsider the rugs in your home and update them to fit your space perfectly. Avoid rugs that are too small by making sure the front legs of your couch and chairs touch the rug. The right-sized carpets can make a room look larger and feel more pulled together!

  • Deep Clean

    A deep clean is undoubtedly the most important aspect of any home staging. Since a fresh and clean house reflects your upkeep of the home, no detail should go unnoticed! Wipe down the baseboards, scrub the grout lines in the shower, clean the inside of the refrigerator, dust your window blinds, and wash the garage floor. For an exceptional deep clean, consider scheduling professional house cleaning services in Wichita, Kansas, to tackle the hard-to-reach places and make your home sparkle!

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