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House Cleaning Services Wichita KSHouse Cleaning Made Simpler With These Organizational Habits

House Cleaning Services Wichita

House Cleaning Made Simpler

Like many things in life, the ability to maintain a tidy home is a matter of learned behavior. While there are a few people who seem to have natural house cleaning instincts, most need to develop the proper mindset and habits to make it part of their ordinary routine. Here are some organizational habits and tips to help you keep your house the beautiful, comforting, relaxing oasis from the busy world you want it to be.


Spring Cleaning Is a State of Mind

With most people, the sheer volume of belongings is the biggest obstacle towards getting organized and keeping a home tidy. When deciding what to donate, throw away or keep, there are a few rules of thumb available to provide some guidance. However, the emotional attachment you might have for particular items could cloud your judgment when deciding what to do with clutter. These tips should give you a good head start:


What to Donate or Throw Away

•    Any item you have twice as many of as you need
•    Gifts you don’t have significant emotional attachments toward
•    Items that are broken to the point where repairing them is too costly
•    Anything your instincts tell you that you no longer need
•    Items where you no longer remember what they’re for


Things to KeepAnything with high sentimental value

•    Things that fit your current lifestyle, not your life from a decade ago
•    Items you think are beautiful, no matter other people’s opinions
•    Anything you would buy again if given the chance
•    Things you already have designated places for


Build Good Organizational Habits Over Time

If Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither should your ability to maintain a tidy home. Oftentimes, developing healthy habits requires deconstructing old ones to build the new habits on a clean slate. Taking a number to simultaneous baby steps will put you well on the way of maintaining a clean house without even needing to think about it.

•    Set aside a few minutes every day to declutter.
•    Never leave clothes on the floor, chair or bed; they immediately get put away or thrown into the hamper.
•    Wash dishes and clean the sink after every meal.
•    Throw away the trash every day, without fail.
•    Make your bed every day, again without fail.
•    Make sure everything has a designated spot, always putting items in their place.
•    Wipe your shower and bathroom sink after each use.

While that list might be a bit intimidating at first glance, it collectively only amounts to a few minutes of your day. Like all behavior, these habits will become a part of your daily routine with repetition. There are always going to be excuses as to why you can’t make the bed or take out the trash on any given day. If you truly want to develop healthy organizational and cleaning habits, however, ignore those excuses and invest the handful of minutes it takes to make the bed and take out the trash. Once you’re able to maintain a tidy house, you’ll be grateful for your perseverance.


House Cleaning Services Wichita

Of course, at Margaret McHenry Maids, we understand that there are certain instances and lifestyles that simply don’t lend themselves to the time needed to upkeep your house the way you would like. If that’s the case and you would like more information on house cleaning or even a cleaning estimate, contact Margaret McHenry Maids for house cleaning services in Wichita and we would love to help you with your cleaning needs.

With Margaret McHenry, you’ll get access to our home management services, including detailed house cleanings and our expanded residence management services. Give us a call and see how easy it is to have the clean, comforting house you want.

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