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Green Cleaning


earth is our home

Margaret McHenry Maids has made the home our business: since earth is the home we all share, we insure we are responsible with all our decisions. The first generation of “green cleaners” were little more than water, however, the increased demand for better alternatives has given rise to a new line of products both truly effective, and truly green. We now offer a green cleaning alternative to most of our traditional cleaning products.

Most cleaning products we employ on a regular basis are considered “green.” Occasionally, we may recommend stronger chemicals to fully clean surfaces that have suffered from neglect. But, if you wish for your home to be cleaned completely with “green” products, we have that alternative as well. If you do have concerns about allergies or reactions, please communicate your needs during the complimentary in-home estimate, or call our office staff to make further inquiries so we can serve all your needs.