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Our lives should never be about “just getting by,” “barely managing,” or “living by default;” those who count themselves happy and successful in life are driven by their purpose, not by the minor details enslaving them to endless routines where their passion and creative forces are squandered. You are meant for better things than that. Where there is elegance, there is success, so keep your life as simple as possible and permit others to help you achieve your dreams and ambitions. Someone else can pick up the groceries, but only you can be you.

Margaret McHenry Maids provides a modern “butler’s” or concierge service for specialty tasks or those occurring outside the home. These services are designed to bring efficiency, convenience and elegance to the busy homeowner and professional. Let our personal assistant take care of it for you.


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Concierge Terms

  • Concierge time is billed at $35/hr. Customers will be billed $35 for first hour, then in 30 minute increments for same day services.
  • Blocks of time, beginning at 4 hours, may be purchased for a discount at $30/hr. Billing for pre-purchased time will be in 15 minute increments.
  • Customer credit card must be on file.
  • There is a one hour minimum for ala carte services or errands.
  • No refunds will be given for pre-purchased time. If you wish to cancel concierge services, remaining balance may be used for cleaning or en residence services.
  • Time structure for errands will be discussed when scheduling.
  • Time purchased is non-transferable.
  • Margaret McHenry Maids will pay for all services/items ($150 max) with our credit card and bill the customer’s card on file within 1 – 3 days.
  • Margaret McHenry Maids will invoice for concierge service time and mail receipts once a month.

Personal Errands

  • Arrange a charity pickup
  • Assist with garage sales from start to finish
  • Check on elderly relatives
  • House checks while away (get mail, newspapers, water plants, forward mail)
  • Gift wrapping
  • Take knives to be sharpened
  • Toxic chemical pickup and disposal
  • Battery replacement for smoke alarms
  • Outdoor light check
  • Decorating/take down for holiday parties
  • Take jewelry in for repair/cleaning
  • Make copies of keys
  • Meet repairmen
  • Pay bills
  • Post office runs for postage and mailings
  • Personal and gift shopping
  • Fresh flower delivery
  • Laundry and dry cleaning delivery
  • Create and cancel appointments
  • Shopping returns (in-store and shipping)
  • Polish silver
  • Take pets to appointments
  • Wait for package deliveries
  • Home organization
  • Walk pets
  • Take shoes for repair or cleaning
  • Wash and fold laundry
  • Grocery, wet bar and nursery shopping

As a Gift

  • New Baby: new parents may need help running errands or doing household chores
  • Wedding: assist the bride-to-be from engagement to ceremony; deliver dinner and champagne post-honeymoon; write thank-you notes
  • Anniversary: give your loved one a personal assistant for a day
  • Valentine’s Day: arrange a romantic dinner or pick up a special gift, flowers or candy

Real Estate

  • Assist with last-minute details of closings
  • Help with open houses and showings
  • Deliver gifts to new homeowner
  • Meet appraisers, inspectors or contractors


  • Deliver promotional items
  • Corporate gift shopping
  • Meet repairmen and contractors
  • Order/deliver flowers
  • Pick up event tickets
  • Place follow-up calls
  • Write thank-you notes
  • Shop for packing supplies
  • Assist in packing and unpacking
  • Bring items needed from home
  • Deliver Mail
  • Research information
  • Schedule appointments
  • Secret shopper: visit or call to evaluate staff
  • Send out monthly mailings
  • Temporary office help
  • Trade show: represent you company at your booth
  • Send new address announcements
  • Research price quotes from moving companies
  • Pay Bills
  • Water Plants


  • Shop for packing supplies
  • Assist in packing and unpacking
  • Send new address announcements
  • Research price quotes from moving companies

Hospital Stays

  • Bring items needed from home
  • Deliver mail
  • Pay Bills
  • Water plants


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