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Nothing says “Happy Easter” quite like a delicious meal shared with friends and family. Take this year’s meal to the next level by adorning your table setting with seasonal and festive folded napkins. You can transform your everyday place settings into a celebration-worthy event with just a few simple folds! Our experts at Margaret McHenry Maids, the choice for house cleaning in Wichita, Kansas, understand the importance of detail when entertaining and have provided some seasonal napkin folding techniques for a festive table setting. Learn more below!

  • The Diamond

    Depending on the rest of your tablescape, you may want to dress up your dishes with a rustic or more elegant-looking linen napkin. The diamond fold is ideal for any dinner table and can impress your guests with just a few flicks of the wrist. To create the diamond fold:

    1. Locate a square linen napkin of your choice and lay it facedown on a flat surface. Fold the napkin in half from top to bottom and again from left to right to form a small square.
    2. Fold back the top layer diagonally and repeat with the second layer, stopping short of the final fold. Repeat this step with the remaining two layers and flip the napkin over.
    3. Fold the bottom ends toward the top so they overlap slightly. Flip the napkin over and place it on your plate!
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  • The Bunny

    Make Easter “hoppy” with this simple and fun bunny-inspired napkin fold! Our team of experts at Margaret McHenry Maids, the choice for house cleaning in Wichita, recommends using a well-starched crisp cotton or linen napkin for the best results. To achieve this seasonal holiday fold:

    1. Fold your starched napkin into thirds to form a rectangle.
    2. Crease your napkin in half to create a centerline for reference, then fold the top corners down along this line.
    3. Fold the bottom napkin corners up until the bottom line is parallel to the center fold.
    4. Bring the left and right edges together on the centerline.
    5. Flip your napkin upside down and over so that the more narrow point is facing upward. From here, fold your bottom-most point upward.
    6. To secure your napkin, fold the left and right corners back, tucking one corner into the pocket of the other.
    7. Pull out your bunny ears first and open up the base of the napkin.
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  • The Lotus Leaf

    The lotus leaf napkin fold, also known as the artichoke or the water lily, is one of the most commonly known origami folds! Not only is this napkin fold elegant and charming, but it can be used to showcase dinner rolls, dessert treats, or a flower. To achieve this delicate lotus leaf napkin fold:

    1. Fold your dinner napkin in half diagonally both ways to crease it, pressing down all folds as you go.
    2. Open the napkin and fold all four corners to the center to create a square.
    3. Turn the napkin over and fold the corners inward to meet at the center.
    4. With one finger pressing down on the center of the napkin, pull up each corner flap to create lotus-like petals.
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