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Our hectic lifestyle is filled with work, emails, errands, traffic, texting, phone calls, and social media. Is it any wonder that we constantly end up feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and exhausted? Sometimes you need to step back, take a deep breath, and get away from it all. Finding a new adventure can inspire your creativity, clear your mind, and rejuvenate your energy levels. Busy schedules and multiple commitments can make it difficult to plan a week-long vacation, which is why day trips are the perfect solution!


With the right preparation, day trip adventures can benefit our mental, physical and emotional health.

Make a Plan
While it’s exciting (and romantic) to become intentionally lost during a drive or walk, it’s also a good idea to have some sort of plan. Where do you want to go, and how long is the drive? Do you want a pleasant nature walk, or a longer hike? What events or popular spots are unique to the area? Do some research and decide beforehand in order to make your day trip adventure as stress-free as possible.


Start Early
Don’t sleep the day away. Get an early start and watch the sunrise on the way to your destination.


Enjoy the Drive
You shouldn’t let a 3 or 5-hour drive discourage your plans. You still have time to reach your destination, make stops along the way, and make it back in time before it gets too late. Besides, one of the best parts of a trip is the journey itself!


Go on a Picnic
When you’re traveling to an “out-of-the-way” place, you don’t want to waste time sitting in a restaurant. Pack a lunch and plan for a beautiful picnic where you can enjoy the scenery.


Be Flexible
You don’t have to follow your original plan to the letter. Take everything as it comes and be open to spontaneous adventures along the way.


Bring a Friend
Everything is more fun with a friend or significant other. Day trip adventures are the perfect opportunity to share a unique experience with a loved one, and make a memory that lasts a lifetime!

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