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House Cleaning Services Wichita KSThe Essential Guide to Outdoor Entertaining

House Cleaning Services Wichita KS

Summer means warmer weather, longer days, and more time for outdoor entertaining! Gone are the days of traditional dinner parties with formal indoor dining options; this season, we are moving the party outdoors. Whether you are interested in throwing an afternoon pool party for some of your closest friends or hosting a night of classic cocktails and fresh food for your neighbors, this summer is centered around alfresco entertainment. To help inspire you this season, our team at Margaret McHenry Maids, the choice provider of house cleaning services in Wichita, Kansas, has compiled a list of the outdoor entertaining essentials that are sure to make your summer soirée a success!

  • Form Functional Seating

    This year, we are moving away from formal dinner parties and moving toward functional and comfortable outdoor entertainment. The first way to ensure your guests are able to relax is to find comfortable seating options that encourage all attendees to take a seat. Remember, an uncomfortable chair is the quickest way to clear out your party before the sun goes down! Consider purchasing outdoor patio cushions and pillows that match the theme of your party, and arrange them in small groups to encourage mingling and comfortable conversation. This will ensure your guests linger until the last cocktail is served. After arranging your seating in a way that effectively captures the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space, be sure to keep additional chairs close by. You never know when an unexpected plus-one may show up, so it’s best practice to have more chairs than necessary. The more, the merrier!

  • Illuminate Your Outdoor Space

    If you are hosting your outdoor party during evening hours, lighting is essential—you want to be able to see your guests! Hang some outdoor string lights above your patio or seating area that can easily be switched on or off depending on the time of day. Take advantage of your outdoor fire pit and arrange your seating accordingly. Not only will the fire pit provide additional lighting and a sense of after-dark warmth, but it will also easily convert to a s’mores station at the end of the night. If you plan to enjoy delicious gourmet s’mores, think ahead and light some large citronella candles to guard your entertaining space against insects and other bugs. At Margaret McHenry Maids, the choice for cleaning services in Wichita, we recommend placing outdoor lanterns along your sidewalk or patio to add some rustic charm and light up the walking path for your guests. If lanterns are your newfound favorite decoration, be sure not to use wax-based candles as they have a tendency to melt in the summer heat.

  • Curate a Party Playlist

    One of the easiest ways to set the outdoor ambiance and create a relaxing atmosphere is with music. A carefully curated playlist can instantly elevate a good party to a great party, but can also prove a distraction if too loud for conversation, so be cognizant of your guests and monitor the volume accordingly. Consider your audience and occasion, and create a custom playlist to match the mood of your gathering. If your outdoor area is not already equipped with surround sound, purchase a portable speaker that you can control directly from your phone. If you aren’t a music connoisseur and have no idea what type of music you want to play, access an online streaming service and find an artist or playlist that matches your musical sensibilities. You will easily be able to skip songs or artists that may not match the mood of your party.

  • Craft a Signature Cocktail

    Summer is synonymous with cocktails. To rightfully claim your title as hostess with the mostess, create a signature cocktail that will leave your guests wanting more. Think about what base spirits your guests enjoy and incorporate seasonal and local mixers and garnishes that match your party’s theme or desired ambiance. Finish your signature cocktail off by creating a customized and fun name! While a signature cocktail is a fun and creative way to make your guests feel special, not everybody will indulge in alcoholic beverages, so it is always a good rule of thumb to offer a non-alcoholic or virgin option. Don’t forget to keep filtered water in carafes on the table where food will be served to ensure everybody stays hydrated throughout the night!

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