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Our Story



Launching a New Standard

Margaret-McHenry-Our-Story-Kandi-Turner-Wichita-KSIn 1997, Kandi Turner entered the housekeeping industry, emphasizing customer service and convenience, with the hope of evolving her resources into a business that could meet increasing demands and possibilities of all her clients; Ms. Turner has combined her accumulated wisdom to launch a new standard for her company, and the industry as a whole.

Guiding Ms. Turner in her decisions on how to change the company was the experience of having her house cleaned by someone other than herself. Ms. Turner confided what she expected in receiving the services her company offers:

“Life has become so busy, who doesn’t want to appear to have it all under control? When I started delegating chores at home, I knew I had found a balance I needed to be happy.”

We all know the lifestyle we want to have and enjoy, the difficulty is how to achieve it. Margaret McHenry Maids has identified the main areas of life wherein you can benefit the most from the virtues of personal assistants and maids, so you have abundant resources to accomplish everything you desire.