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Our Culture



Timeless Traditions of Excellence

Seeking to provide our clients with the perfected standard of service, we reflected on the timeless traditions of excellence offered by the domestic class of Great Britain: discipline, efficiency, trust and exact execution of the smallest details was the standard of every servant of every household. Whether it was a napkin being pressed, or royalty attending tea, all the needs of the family were met with the utmost perfection and diligence by those who took great pride in fulfilling the strictest of expectations.

Margaret McHenry embodies that tradition of quality and performance. As butlers and maids exhibited the culture of refinement then, so today Margaret McHenry seeks to anticipate your changing needs during every season of life: whether it’s your quiet moments at home, or entertaining for a momentous occasion, we exercise the habit of excellence every day, in every way, so we are always ready to serve.