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DATE: Nov. 3, 2014
CONTACT: Kandi Turner Owner/CEO 316.612.9300
Tiffany Hurley Director of Business Development 316.612.9300

Home Maid Wichita Remixed as Margaret McHenry Maids and Launched as Home and Lifestyle Management Franchise


WICHITA, Kan. – Five-time Wichita Eagle Readers’ Choice winner Home Maid Wichita, a Wichita, Kan.-based residential cleaning company, revealed today a formal name change to Margaret McHenry Maids. The name change represents the official launch of the Margaret McHenry Maids national franchising program. There has been no change in ownership; Kandi Turner, 1997 founder of the company, remains the sole owner and chief executive officer.

“We’ve worked hard to become the gold standard in this area for maid service,” says Turner, “and remain ahead of the industry curve nationally. As we began to anticipate our third decade in business, we looked globally at the trends affecting the cleaning industry and changes in consumer behavior to determine how to do and be more for our clients.

“There is a cultural and emotional groundswell around the idea of lifestyle management, including cleaning, organizing, editing and concierge services. When we looked closely at our clients, at their lifestyles and preferences, it became clear to us that heightened service would mean greatly expanded service.”

Turner made the decision to remix Home Maid Wichita as a home and lifestyle company offering traditional cleaning services, special touches called “en residence services” that are completed by carefully selected and trained maids, and concierge services that will be offered first in the Wichita, Kan., market.
The lifestyle management profession has grown significantly within the last decade, explains Turner, due to increased demand for personal concierge services. The growing focus on/ promotion of leisure and fitness in conjunction with an increase in average personal income has given way to terms such as “smart living” and “city lifestyle living.”

“Lifestyle management today isn’t just a luxury service for high-net-worth individuals,” says Turner. “Young professionals and busy families are turning the corner from cleaning services into ‘home help’ to make their busy lives work.”
What to do to take her company to the next level, Turner adds, wasn’t as difficult as determining how to walk away from a successful, well-known brand into something new.

“I began to realize that our professional values and the impeccable service tradition I demand were mirrored in the European traditions. The first decision, then, was to borrow those influences to remix Home Maid Wichita as a home and lifestyle management company. The second was the name. Margaret McHenry is iconic. The name is my way of reminding our clients that their homes are under the scrupulous, exquisite care of someone who desires that they are maintained consistently and flawlessly.”

Shortly after Turner arrived at the new name, she began watching the international hit series, Downton Abbey.
“That sealed it for me,” she says. “It was like watching my value system unfold week after week.”
Turner began working with Patrick Neville, a Dallas-based consultant and president of Paradigm Advisory Group, to develop the franchise model/pilot, which is underway initially with pending license agreements in several states. Neville is a proven leader who has developed, re-engineered and rolled out many successful business concepts.

“It takes a considerable amount of vision, planning, and resource to build a franchise organization,” says Turner. “I’ve been asked why I guided my business in this direction. The answer is simple. Passion for my craft. I have the opportunity to influence and elevate the way the industry nationally serves individuals and families who want to live gracefully but have little time to do so.”

Margaret McHenry Maids goes to market this week in the Wichita area with a European-inspired fleet of vehicles driven by a uniformed service team that is licensed, bonded and insured. An expanded service menu includes multiple deep-cleaning packages like special- occasion cleaning for a dinner party or holiday gathering, “en residence” services like polishing the silver or conditioning leather and woodwork, and a modern “butler” or concierge service for specialty tasks or errands like taking the family pet to the groomer or picking up the dry cleaning.

“Discipline, efficiency, trust and exact execution of the smallest details were the standards of every domestic employee of every household in Great Britain a century ago,” says Turner.

“Expect that attention to service from Margaret McHenry Maids.”

Margaret McHenry Maids is headquartered at 528 N. Washington in downtown Wichita. More information can be found at


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