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Spring is an exciting time of year. Your windows are open; the fresh breeze flushes winter’s stuffiness out of your home, and everything looks a little brighter! You find yourself spending more time in your garden to catch the first bloom of the season. Spring brings change, which is what makes life exciting, and Margaret McHenry Maids is seeking just that! We are moving our home office to a more spacious location to accommodate our growing company. The excitement to build our home and lifestyle brand is overflowing with the possibilities of our new space. Below is an excerpt from Carrie Rengers’ “Have You Heard?” blog on Read the full article here and make sure to check back as we embark on this exciting new journey!

In 1997, Kandi Turner couldn’t envision where cleaning houses might take her, but she had hopes.

“I really did hope that some day it would really get big and would grow,” she says. “I’ve worked so hard at sticking with it … especially during those first few years.”

Now, her Margaret McHenry Maids is jumping from a 3,600-square-foot building at 528 N. Washington to a 14,000-square-foot space at 1200 E. Central where Spurrier Chemical used to be.

“It’s huge compared to where we’re at,” says Tiffany Hurley, director of business development.

It’s needed as well.

“My office is actually in the break room,” Hurley says. “We don’t have space for us all.”

This makes the company’s fourth location since Turner started the business.

“Every time we move we grow,” Hurley says.

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