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Your washing machine is likely one of the most active appliances in your home, but did you know that you can use your washing machine for more things than laundry? Save yourself the time and energy of hand-washing, and let your washing machine do the dirty work! Our experts at Margaret McHenry Maids, the choice maid service in Wichita, Kansas, have years of cleaning experience and have learned that you can clean much more than clothing and towels in your washing machine. Learn more about the unexpected home items you can clean in your washing machine below!

  • Curtains and Shower Curtain Liners

    It’s no secret that shower curtain liners can quickly accumulate soap scum and mildew, which is why it is important to wash them regularly. While many people overlook cleaning their shower curtains because they are constantly being “washed” by regular usage, it is still necessary to clean your curtain with detergent and baking soda. Add a few bath towels to the load of laundry to help “cushion” the shower curtain liner and help keep it from ripping. When combined with detergent and baking soda, the towels will help scrub away the soap scum and mildew. In addition to shower curtain liners, you can clean your curtains in the washing machine by zipping them into a mesh bag and washing them on a delicate cycle in cold water!

  • Rubber-Backed Rugs and Mats

    From front-door foot traffic to bathroom bare feet, your rugs and bathmats accumulate some of the most grime from everyday use. Thankfully, throw rugs and runners are generally machine-washable and can be added in with your weekly load of laundry. Make sure to check the label and read all cleaning specifications before tossing it in the washing machine, and wash it on cold water before letting it air-dry. If your rugs and bathmats are rubber-backed, avoid washing them too often, or you may risk damaging your rug!

  • Pet Beds

    Many pet beds come fully equipped with removable covers, making the cleaning process extremely easy. Simply remove the cover and check the base cushion to ensure it is machine-washable. If so, wash both the fabric lining and the cushion in cold water, separate from the rest of your weekly laundry. If your pet bed doesn’t have a removable cover, start by vacuuming any hair and dirt from the surface and washing it with gentle detergent. Then place it in the dryer for 10-20 minutes before letting it air dry the rest of the way!

  • Yoga Mats

    If you’re an avid yoga goer, stay calm; your yoga mats can usually be washed on a gentle cycle with some mild detergent. Before you wash it, first unroll the mat to ensure that all corners and angles get properly cleaned. Use a few squirts of detergent and some elbow grease to remove any potential stains before adding it to the machine, and make sure to lay your mat out flat to dry once it is finished. This is to help ensure that it doesn’t curl up and affect the experience of your next yoga session!

  • Patio Cushions and Pillows

    When was the last time you washed your pillows or patio cushions? If the answer is never, now is the perfect time to start! According to experts, pillows and cushions should be cleaned every three to six months to remove mold, bacteria, and odors and keep your home looking pristine. Whether your pillows are made of natural fibers or synthetic materials, they can likely be washed in the washing machine, as long as they can fit! First, treat any stains before washing them on a gentle cycle in cold water, and then allow them to air dry completely before using.

  • Tips for Washing Unconventional Items

    If you are looking to start washing your home decor items in your washing machine, our team at Margaret McHenry Maids, the choice maid service in Wichita, recommends considering the following helpful tips:

    • When washing smaller or heavier items, add a few towels to your wash load. The towels will help cushion the items and prevent them from being knocked around the washing machine. Towels also add weight, which can be especially helpful if your washer dispenses water based on the weight of the load.
    • Use a minimal amount of gentle detergent such as Castile soap when washing unconventional and pet-related items.
    • Add vinegar to your washing machine if odor seems to be an issue. Add 1/2 cup of white vinegar to the fabric softener tray or during the rinse cycle.
    • Always check the tag or owner’s manual for rules about washing. Some items and materials should not be cleaned in the washer, so it is best to check early!

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