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House Cleaning Services Wichita

Your husband works hard to provide for you and your kids. He deserves a special Father’s Day gift. One he’ll never forget. Here are some luxury gift ideas to make him feel like the king he is.


For The Trendsetter

The Trendsetter not only dresses impeccably; he’s fastidious in all aspects of his appearance. Hair perfectly coifed. Nails manicured. Shoes shined. He believes clothes make the man so off-the-rack department store suits are out of the question. For this sharp dressed gentleman, the perfect Father’s Day gifts are custom-tailored or hand-crafted. Take a trip to Savile Row in London to get fitted for a bespoke suit from his choice of the most renowned tailors in the world. Or give him a custom-made chronograph – maybe a few to fit his mood or chosen style. If you make him look like royalty, you make him feel like royalty.


For The Spirited

The Spirited aficionado has intimate knowledge of his favorite brown libation. Whether he prefers scotch, bourbon, or blended, he’s passionate about all aspects of the process of making the perfect whiskey. For this whiskey lover, an in-depth tour of his favorite distilleries on the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky or the scotch distilleries across Scotland would be an intoxicating delight.


For The Golf Enthusiast

The Golf Enthusiast lives and breathes for golf. If it was possible, he’d be on the golf course all day, every day. If he’s at home over the weekend, he’s watching golf; analyzing every drive, chip, and putt. This golfer dreams of playing where the pros play. Reserve a tee time at Pebble Beach in California or Augusta Country Club in Georgia. You could even set up a round with the club golf pro for tips. He’ll be in golf heaven!


For The Rugged Traveler

The Rugged Traveler loves life and wants to experience everything it has to offer. Not afraid to get his hands dirty, he wants nothing more than to eschew the luxury of his life for awhile, to be in the middle of nature in all its glory. This adventurer would love to hike the Inca Trail in Peru, fish for salmon in Alaska, go on safari through the Serengeti, or summit Kilimanjaro. He’ll relish in not only the trip but the experiences and stories he collects along the way.


For The Film Connoisseur

The Film Connoisseur revels in the intricate craft of filmmaking. He has a voracious appetite for the details of his favorite movies and TV series: actors, directors, writers, inspirations, behind-the-scenes stories. If you want to get your cinephile the perfect gift, give him the red carpet treatment at the premiere of a movie or TV series he follows. Or, even better, immortalize him on film by buying him a walk-on role in an episode of his favorite show or an upcoming movie production. Make him feel like the star he is.


For The Thrill Seeker

Not to be confused with the Rugged Traveler, the Thrill Seeker lives his life fast and full. He loves extreme sports and activities that get his heart pumping. For this daredevil, an activity isn’t fun unless it’s infused with an element of danger. Some high octane Father’s Day gift ideas for the Thrill Seeker could include flying in a stunt plane, heliskiing in the Rockies, windsurfing in Hawaii, driving an Indy car, or skydiving. Let him live dangerously.


House Cleaning Services Wichita

While you pamper your husband with a well-deserved Father’s Day gift, make sure he comes home to a pristine house. For results even the least observant husband is sure to notice, call the professionals at Margaret McHenry Maids of Wichita and ask about their house cleaning services.


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