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House Cleaning Services Wichita KSUnexpected Guests? How to Tackle House Cleaning in a Hurry

House Cleaning Services Wichita

If your home isn’t looking its best right now, but you have guests coming over soon, don’t give up on the goal of greeting them with a clean house. It doesn’t have to take days to get your house looking great. As long as you follow these tips on cleaning up your home in a hurry, you’ll end up with a house you’ll be proud to show your guests. Then, if you need some deep cleaning, you can hire a house cleaning company in Wichita as soon as your guests leave. In the meantime, follow these tips on how to clean your house fast.


Pick Everything Up Off the Floor

The first task you’ll need to do is tidy up, which entails picking up anything that’s not in its right spot. So if there are clothes, shoes, and toys strewn about the floor in your Wichita house, pick those up and put them away. If you find you constantly have a problem with clutter around the house, consider getting rid of it — either by selling items you don’t need or by using organizational solutions, such as shelves or bins to contain everything.


Clean Your Floors

It’s amazing what clean floors will do for your home. If they currently have some crumbs or stains, just spend some time cleaning them, starting by vacuuming your carpet to keep it looking free of debris and fluffed up. Then sweep and mop your tile or hardwood floors to truly make them shine. You’d be surprised how much cleaner your whole Wichita home looks once the floors are spotless. For more frequent, deep cleans, you can hire a house cleaning company in Wichita to clean your floors as often as necessary.


Empty Your Sink

You’ll have a hard time making your house look spotless if the sink is full of dishes. Not only is it tough to look at, but it’s also not very hygienic to let dirty dishes stick around for long. Get in the habit of washing dishes – or at least putting them in the dishwasher minutes after you use them so you never have to stare at a sink that’s overflowing with dirty dishes.


Make All of the Beds

Another quick, simple way to make your Wichita house look nice is to make the beds. If you dread making your bed because it just has so many pillows piled on it, put them away until you’re a pro at putting your bed back together perfectly. It’s better to have a simple bed that’s made than one that has tons of pretty pillows—but looks like a mess.


Organize Your Entryway

You want your guests to have a good first impression of your house, and that’s hard if the first thing they see is a cluttered entryway. So if you have a table full of mail, keys, and odds and ends right by your front door, spend some time organizing it. Put the mail in a basket that you can hide in a drawer, and hang up your keys neatly. Your entryway table will look better with a nice vase of flowers than with clutter all over it.


Put The Clothes Away

It’s hard to keep up with laundry, but that doesn’t mean you have to advertise that. If you typically have laundry baskets piled with clothes, at least keep them hidden away, such as in your closet or in a cabinet in your laundry room. Of course, it’s even better to get in the habit of putting your clean clothes away as soon as they’re dry, so if you can manage that, you won’t have to worry about where to hide your clothes before people come to your Wichita house.


House Cleaning Services Wichita

If these tips overwhelm you, it may be time to hire house cleaning services in Wichita. This will make it easy to keep up with your home’s needs so you’re always ready to welcome guests. To learn more or to get a cleaning estimate, contact Margaret McHenry Maids of Wichita. You’ll get access to home management services, including detailed house cleanings and the expanded en residence management services.

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