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House Cleaning in Wichita

In this world, dust is inevitable. It shows up everywhere. Luckily, with this house cleaning routine, you can get rid of those unsightly specks before they coat surfaces and turn into balls, bunnies, and piles.


Dust: Life’s Leftovers

First of all, what exactly is dust? In part, it’s a mixture of common household particles, including pet dander, tiny fabric strands and pieces of human skin.

More than half of the dust inside a home comes from the outside. People carry fragments of dirt, soil and other substances on their clothing and shoes. In addition, various materials can come in through doors, windows, and other openings.


The Dangers of Dust

The worst thing about dust is its potential effects on people’s health. It can lead to sneezing, coughing, and other problems. Over a long period of time, inhaling it may even cause lung conditions.

There’s currently no evidence to suggest that dust causes asthma. However, it can trigger attacks in asthma sufferers. It can induce allergic reactions as well.


A Toolkit for Dusting

Certain objects are better at removing dust than others. For instance, a microfiber cloth is effective at grabbing dust. You might moisten it a little before you start, but you don’t have to. On the other hand, if you’re depending on a non-microfiber cloth, you should definitely wet it for the best results.

Meanwhile, to dust, those hard-to-reach nooks in a room, rely on an angle broom.

At the same time, avoid using feather dusters. Those implements can’t really hold onto dust. Rather, they just transfer it from one place to another.

What about dusting up high? Ladders are often responsible for household accidents, and your best bet is to avoid them. Instead, an extendable duster — in essence, a piece of cloth on an adjustable stick — will clear dust, cobwebs, and other undesirable items from ceilings and spots way above your head.

Also, don’t forget to thoroughly wash your dusting tools after every single usage. Dusty dusters don’t dust.


Even More Dust Advice

It’s important to dust a room first and then vacuum it, not the other way around. As you’re dusting, you’ll miss some of those particles because they’ll scatter through the air. Most of them will end up on the floor, and your vacuum cleaner can take care of them.

When you’re dusting a wall or a piece of furniture, you should start at the top and work your way down to the floor. That’s because, as you go, some of the dust will fall. Thus, if you begin at the bottom and move up, you have to keep wiping the same spots as particles tumble onto the places you’ve just dusted.

Of course, proper dusting takes time, and you must do it often to be successful. But, if your schedule is hectic and you don’t have enough hours to devote to dust, you can always get in touch with Margaret McHenry Maids of Wichita.

This acclaimed business offers a variety of convenient house cleaning and management services, as well as affordable prices. Its employees are exceptionally attentive to detail; they’ll make your home sparkle. Dust may be ubiquitous and stubborn, but it’s no match for the house cleaning services at Margaret McHenry Maids. For more information or for an estimate, feel free to contact the company as soon as you can.

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