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There is much excitement surrounding the purchase of a new house. Buyers must first find the perfect house for their family, make arrangements to rent or sell their current house and then plan the move to their new house. Once the dust settles, though, many are left wondering how to make their new house a home. Margaret McHenry Maids, the leading provider of luxury house cleaning services in Wichita, Kansas, has put together some suggestions.


Utilize Welcoming Colors

While using a lot of white and crisp off-white will make rooms in your home feel large and clean, adding doses of color will make the space welcoming. Any color that brings you joy will transform a house into a home. Gray and gray-beige shades can also be utilized to bridge warmer and cooler colors.

Select “Warm” Materials

Although many modern houses include “cold” materials like metal, glass and mirrors, there are many ways to balance the space, thus creating a more home-like environment. Adding touches of wood, whether through built-in pieces, shelving or furniture pieces, will add natural warmth. Simple hardware updates in the kitchen and bathrooms, such as transitioning from shiny chrome finishes to nickel or bronze finishes, will also convey a more welcoming feel.

Add Personal Touches

No house is a home without the personal touches, which are often done through accessories. Including tactile textures, like woven baskets, plush pillows and luxurious rugs, will make for a cozy space. Adding framed photos of friends and family, beautiful artwork and quirky art pieces throughout the space will bring the house to life.

Maintain the Home

While making a new house a home involves many of the suggestions above, professional house cleaning services are also highly recommended. Margaret McHenry Maids house cleaning services in Wichita provide a complete and thorough deep clean that ensure a safe and healthy environment.

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