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House Cleaning Services Wichita KSFive Questions to Ask When Hiring for House Cleaning Services in Wichita

House Cleaning Services Wichita


Our homes are our sanctuaries, so hiring for house cleaning services should be approached with care and great consideration. Margaret McHenry Maids, the award-winning provider of luxury house cleaning services in Wichita, Kansas, recommends five questions to ask each individual or company that is under consideration.

Who will provide the house cleaning services?

There are both individuals and companies that provide house cleaning services in Wichita. At Margaret McHenry Maids, we have teams of three professionally trained and uniformed maids to “divide and conquer” the cleaning of your home so that it is done quickly and efficiently. The team approach provides a system of checks and balances to make sure the job stays consistent. Hiring us also allows for a more reliable service, because we always have a team available for your particular day.

What house cleaning services are included?

In choosing an individual or company to provide house cleaning services in Wichita, it is important to understand their overall process and what cleaning services will be included in the price. Margaret McHenry Maids offers custom estimates based on the unique needs of each client. However, if the standard parts of the home are included, we provide the Margaret McHenry Clean, which is a 75+ point cleaning checklist, plus any additional en residence tasks that are requested.

Are equipment and supplies provided?

Most individuals and companies that provide house cleaning services in Wichita also provide their own equipment and supplies. That is the case with Margaret McHenry Maids, as well, which ensures your home receives a thorough, efficient and complete cleaning. Most of the cleaning products we utilize regularly are gentle. We can also accommodate clients who would like their home cleaned with entirely green cleaning products or clients who have special needs related to allergies.

How should I prepare?

To ensure the best house cleaning services in Wichita possible, it is wise to ask the individual or company how you should prepare. Although Margaret McHenry Maids does not require our clients to be present, we do ask that clients:

  1. Make sure we know how to enter the home and how we should lock up when exiting the home.
  2. Ensure a clutter-free and safe environment for each cleaning, an air-conditioned environment in the summer, running water, electricity, a heated environment in the winter and clear walkways and driveways so that we may safely enter.
  3. Secure and pick up after pets prior to our arrival.
  4. Safely secure all valuables, collectibles and heirlooms prior to our arrival to avoid accidents. If someone in the home is receiving special medication, we ask that all prescriptions are put away.
  5. Provide payment in full the day of the cleaning or ensure we have a credit card on file that can be charged. Tips are always appreciated but not required.

What happens if something is broken or I am dissatisfied?

While individuals are often not, reputable cleaning companies like Margaret McHenry Maids are fully insured and bonded for every circumstance. If an accident occurs, we will notify you immediately and handle the unfortunate circumstance to your complete satisfaction. We also offer a 24-hour satisfaction guarantee on our house cleaning services.

The Choice is Clear

Margaret McHenry Maids is the leading provider of luxury house cleaning services in Wichita for many reasons. Our locally owned and operated company has been consistently voted Wichita’s favorite/best since 2010, and we maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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Contact Margaret McHenry Maids at (316) 612-9300 or complete the form to request a complimentary estimate.

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