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Frequently Asked House Cleaning Services Questions

Frequently Asked House Cleaning Services Questions

Why is Margaret McHenry Maids the best choice?[+]

We have been in business since 1997 and offer flexible cleaning schedules and reliable crews. Our teams are experienced, efficient, and professionally trained. We personalize cleaning and concierge services for your needs, and we are the only business offering extended services in both cleaning and concierge.

Are “regularly scheduled cleanings” required?[+]

No. If you’re hosting a big party, showing your home to a potential buyer, or you just don’t have time, we are happy to help you in any way we can. Customers may use either the maid or concierge service as often as necessary, whenever you need it.

Do I provide any cleaning equipment or products?[+]

No, we provide all the cleaners and equipment, insuring your home receives a thorough, efficient and complete cleaning.

How do I pay?[+]

Margaret McHenry allows customers to pay in a variety of ways:
• Leave either a check or cash to be picked up on the day of cleaning.
• Provide our office with a credit card number prior to the scheduled cleaning so it’s always applied to your card account and you don’t have to worry (we do require a credit card number as a deposit prior to the first service.)

What happens if something is broken or i’m dissatisfied?[+]

Margaret McHenry Maids is fully insured and bonded for every circumstance, so you and your belongings will be well cared for. We will notify you immediately if an accident occurs and assure you we will handle the unfortunate circumstances to your complete satisfaction.

Do I have to be present during the cleaning?[+]

No, the maids know exactly what is required; if you have additional instructions, we ask that you contact the office so we can pass it onto the maids. Please make sure we know how the maids are to enter your home and how we should lock up upon exiting; we will take care of everything.

When do the maids arrive?[+]

Office staff will contact you by phone call, text, or email 48 hours in advance of your scheduled cleaning to insure a provided time frame will suit your schedule.

Am I required to tip the cleaning crew?[+]

Tips aren’t required, but if you would like to thank the crew, you may tip them or provide us with feedback via our comment cards. Facebook “thank-yous” are always appreciated as well.

What if i want changes to the cleaning, crew, or date of service?[+]

We strive to please all of our customers especially in accommodating the changes in their schedule: if at any time you want to make any change to your service, the date or add additional services, call or email and we will alter the service to your wishes.