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House Cleaning Services Wichita KSTips to Help You Get Ready for Extended Guests

House Cleaning Services Wichita
Welcoming guests to stay at your home can be a wonderful experience. Whether it’s during the holidays or an extended stay over the summer, it gives you the opportunity to catch up and reconnect with loved ones.
Of course, many Wichita households use a cleaning service to make their home look spotless. But there are some other, personal touches you can bring to your home to make your guests feel special and comfortable.


Tidy Up

Start by straightening up a little bit the day before your guests arrive. It gives your guests a feeling of arriving to a state of calm, instead of interrupted chaos. Pick up stray items, wipe down countertops and take out the recycling.


Create a Hydration Station

Your house may be new to your guests so they may not know what door to open to reach the kitchen in the middle of the night. A mini hydration station in the room, with a container and glasses, is an extra touch they will appreciate.


Welcome Gift of Toiletries

After a long day of travel, guests like the opportunity to freshen up. A small basket of soaps, lotions and hair products can give them what they need to brighten up before unpacking. Model the sample-size items you would find in a hotel bathroom.


Personalize Towels

In order to show your guests you are happy for them to arrive, put out towels assigned to each person. It’s a signal that they are welcome and you are pulling out all the stops to make them feel at home.


Fresh Sheets

Your guest room may get a lot of use. Before your arrivals set up shop, put fresh sheets on the bed. You might want to include some additional touches, like flowers, in the room. Open the windows and get some fresh air into the space.


‘Cheat Sheet’ of House Information

Perhaps your guests have not been in your home for awhile. Make it easy on them by providing a list of security codes, a map of the rooms and garbage pick-up schedule. If you are planning to have service people come by, let your guests know the time and dates so they won’t be surprised when strangers arrive at the door.


Morning Essentials

Your guests probably want their early moments to be private and quiet, as you would want yours to be. So they don’t have to bother you when they wake up, give them everything they need for the morning.
That may mean a coffee station in the room or instructions on how to make breakfast in the family kitchen. You may give them a private bathroom for their own use during their stay with their own place to store personal items.


Neighborhood Quirks

Overall, don’t forget the little things! You may be used to that neighbor who mows the lawn in the early hours, but your guest may not expect the noise. Give them a heads up about what to expect during their stay, and be available to make them feel as comfortable as possible.


We All Need a Little Help

Make your guest’s visit fabulous. To make it extra special, consider a home cleaning company in Wichita. For more information, contact Margaret McHenry Maids.


House Cleaning Services Wichita

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