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The holidays are over. Gifts have been exchanged, guests have returned home, a new year has begun, and new memories have been made. The rich foods of the holidays are another not-so-distant memory that seem to stick with us after the season. In order to get back in shape, many of us make New Year’s resolutions to start leading healthier lifestyles. However, eating healthy doesn’t have to mean bland, boring or tasteless.


There are a variety of delectable healthy dishes that nourish the body, mind and soul.

Salmon is an elegant treat whether smoked or grilled as a main course, or used as a complement to a fresh garden salad. Salmon also happens to be extremely healthy! It contains valuable nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, which have been proven to make us both smarter and happier. Regularly eating salmon improves brain function, reduces depression, and lessens the chances of heart attack, stroke, arrhythmia, and high blood pressure.


Choose pastas that are light in body and avoid heavy marinara and meat sauces. Combine light pastas with chicken, veggies, shrimp, fish or crab, and top everything with either fresh tomatoes, mushroom sauce, or lemon and olive oil for a zesty taste!


Chicken is a tremendous source of low-fat protein that helps build muscle and assists in maintaining a healthy body weight. It also contains nutrients that boosts serotonin in the brain, which acts as a natural anti-depressant. Enjoy chicken enchiladas, salads, pasta, soup, grilled chicken breast, and much more.


American Bison is a healthy alternative to other red meats. Buffalo tastes similar to beef, but is much leaner and sweeter. It also contains less calories and cholesterol than pork, turkey, beef and chicken, which makes buffalo a tasty and nutritious substitute!


Prawns, crabs, squid, and other seafood is packed with protein, vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA. Enjoy seafood as fresh sushi, sprinkled in salad or pasta, or prepared as a main entrée!


Fruits and Veggies
Adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet helps reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and types of cancer. They also add flavor and texture to every meal. Spinach, mushrooms, peppers, broccoli, kale, tomato, avocado, bananas, raspberries, strawberries and melons are perfect for any time of day!

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