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The holidays are a time for celebration, reflection, and strengthening the bonds of love and fellowship. Sharing a meal at your table with loved ones is an age-old tradition that will never lose its importance. It is the symbolic act of “breaking bread” that nourishes both the body and soul. By sitting around the table we make new friends, reconnect, discuss our lives, and try new dishes. However, there is a difference between merely “setting the table” and creating a beautiful tablescape.

Gathering for a meal can be so much more than the act of eating food. A lovely tablescape can transform a holiday get-together into a special event! It creates an experience that sets a tone for the rest of the day, while positively affecting the mood of your guests. It encourages conversation, creates a welcoming environment, and makes everyone feel relaxed and at peace.


Make your holiday tablescape an unforgettable experience and create a lifetime of memories

Scale & Proportion
The possibilities are nearly endless for tablescape aesthetics, but it’s important to follow design rules of scale and proportion. All the elements of your table should be in harmony with each other. Use the “Golden Ratio” when planning floral arrangements and other centerpieces.


Candles of Life
Candles set the mood, provide a light source, and ignite the primal flame within the soul. Light from elegant candles dance on every surface, and illuminate the textures of your tablescape ensemble.


Wine Bottle Height
You don’t want your tablescape to intrude on the festivities and conversation. Avoid hiding the smiling faces of your guests by making sure nothing on your table is taller than a bottle of wine.


Less is More
While it may be tempting, don’t go overboard with your tablescape design. You want your tablescape to strike the right mood and be a unique extension of your personality. However, good design almost always equates to the rule of “less is more.” Your table shouldn’t be “too busy” or distracting. Find the right middle ground and leave enough space for the bottles of wine!

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