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Complimentary Home Cleaning Service Estimate

There are three ways to receive your complimentary estimate:

  1. Schedule an in-home visit with a coordinator to go over everything you would like.
  2. Call our office and receive an estimate via phone from our Customer Accounts Manager.
  3. Complete the form below and receive an estimate via email.

While it is preferable to have a complimentary, in-home estimate, this is simply not always possible. The phone and email estimates, while not exact, give you a good idea of the anticipated cost of the initial cleaning and the recurring cost if you choose to sign up on a regular basis. Once we’ve provided you an estimate, we can easily schedule your service.

If you schedule services over the phone or internet, our associate will email you pertinent information about the services you will be receiving. When the maids arrive on the scheduled date, a manager will visit to ensure that everything has been completed to satisfaction. Following the initial cleaning, our Customer Accounts Manager will contact you and provide exact pricing details for your regular services moving forward.