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House Cleaning Services Wichita KS7 Spring House Cleaning Tips from Our Professionals

House Cleaning Services Wichita

Spring is in full swing and it’s a perfect time to break out the mop, bucket, and broom. Here are seven tips from our Wichita house cleaning professionals that will help you brush up your home cleaning regimen — after all, professionals know best!


De-Clutter Your House First

Clutter is a perennial pest for the home. Clearing up unnecessary clutter is a fantastic beginning to any spring cleaning routine — you’ll revitalize your house before you know it.

Little objects — papers, dishes, small items — have a habit of collecting around on open surfaces. Clutter not only restricts access to tabletops (making dust a nightmare), but it complicates your home’s visual space.

Use bins, baskets, and bags to collect and sort your various clutter and don’t be afraid to toss away anything you don’t need.


Make A Home Cleaning Kit

The right tools make spring cleaning a breeze. Taking the time to craft your own house cleaning kit guarantees that you have all the necessary supplies to freshen up the house.

Even better, a cleaning kit — a dedicated basket or bucket filled with supplies — is an inspiration in and of itself. Once that kit comes out, it begs to be used! And, of course, having all your supplies in one place helps with organization and reduces cleaning supply clutter.


Go Room by Room

A systematic approach works best for spring cleaning. Professional maids follow a methodical approach — room by room, top to bottom — and for good reason. You’re sure to hit every room and clear up the dust and grime that built up.

Remember to start cleaning at the top of every room: you want dust to accumulate on the floor before sweeping or vacuuming it up.


Invest in a Proper Vacuum

It’s tempting to cut corners on some household items, but a vacuum isn’t one of them. A proper vacuum is a godsend for spring house cleaning. In fact, a proper vacuum can:

  • Remove dirt more efficiently
  • Leave less dirt behind with each pass
  • Come with attachments (crevice tool, dusting brush, extension wand)
  • Remove allergens with a HEPA filter (depending on the specific vacuum model)

There’s a reason you see professional maids hoisting around those industrial-grade vacuums. They work!


Disinfect Forgotten Items & Spaces

Toilets and sinks get all the attention when it comes to cleaning, but there’s plenty of forgotten items and spaces you should wipe down. Door handles, remote controls, light switches, computer keyboards, and phones are all worth a wipe down. Don’t forget the coffeemaker!

If you have pets, disinfecting pet toys (or your child’s stuffed animals) is definitely worthwhile.
Lastly, check the inside of your trash can. Even with can liners, spillage can occur.


Clean Out Your Fridge

The fridge is often overlooked when it comes to proper cleaning — many people call it a day once they throw out old food — but it should be at the top of your kitchen cleaning list. The fridge likely holds much of the food you and your family eat on a daily basis. Keeping that environment clean is crucial.

Professional maids clean refrigerators by:

  • Removing all the food and, when possible, taking out all the removable parts (shelves, drawers, trays)
  • Washing all the removable parts in warm soapy water and wiping down the inside of the fridge with cleaning wipes or a fresh sponge
  • Drying the inside of the refrigerator thoroughly with a clean cloth


Liven Your Space Up With New Houseplants

The advantages of livening your home with houseplants are impressive. The more greenery, the better — fresh air and a sense of calm are just some of the benefits that await.

If you’re already enjoying houseplants, consider adding some new ones! A Calathea or Japanese Peace Lily can add a nice splash of color to any house, and a blooming African Violet is a sight to behold.


House Cleaning Services Wichita

These seven house cleaning tips from our professionals are tried-and-true ways to step up your home cleaning game. For more information about house cleaning, or to get a cleaning estimate, contact Margaret McHenry Maids of Wichita. You’ll get access to home management services, including detailed house cleanings and the expanded en residence management services.

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