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House Cleaning Services Wichita KSCleaning Before Company: How To Clean Your Home Before Hosting Guests

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Everybody has experienced the slight panic of unexpected guests arriving at your home, but there’s no need to stress! If you haven’t had time to perform a deep clean of your home prior to hosting company, there are some fundamental areas of your home you should be focusing your attention. Our experts at Margaret McHenry Maids, the choice for home cleaning services in Wichita, Kansas, have experience cleaning beautiful homes like yours and have detailed how to effectively clean your home before entertaining guests. Check out our four-point checklist below!

  • Kitchen Counters

    The kitchen is the heart of the home, especially when it comes to entertaining company. If your sink is full of last night’s dishes and your counters are covered with lone ingredients and cooking appliances, your guests may feel that you are unprepared or untidy. Ideally, you will have time for a proper deep clean but if not, make sure to load all dishes into the dishwasher, wipe down the countertops, and put away the appliances. At Margaret McHenry Maids, the choice for home cleaning services in Wichita, our team recommends using a multipurpose spray and reusable cloth to achieve a glossy, shiny finish and following up with a sponge to remove any visible water spots.

  • Front Porch and Entryway

    While it may seem obvious to keep your front porch looking polished and tidy as it is the first entry point of your home that company will see, many homeowners overlook the importance of maintaining a spotless front porch and entryway. This area of the house often serves as a landing area for shoes, jackets, bags, and other outdoor items, but it can quickly feel cluttered if not organized properly. Before hosting company, take a minute to compile any random belongings and find an organized place for them within your home. Then, follow up by vacuuming any accidental debris tracked inside and sweeping the front steps.

  • Bathroom Surfaces

    Another area of your home that experiences high amounts of traffic—the bathrooms! It’s easy to overlook the daily buildup that accumulates over time in your own home. Wipe down all countertops and faucet handles while removing any useless clutter taking up space on the vanity. For an added shine, use a hand vacuum cleaner to remove dirt on or around the floorboards, and leave fresh hand towels or disposable towels near the sink for guest use.

  • Sitting Areas

    If you have pets or children at home, it’s especially important to spruce up your sitting areas with a hand vacuum and some lint rollers. Consider fluffing the pillows, folding any unkept blankets, and putting out coasters so your guests have somewhere to place their drinks later! Don’t forget to put away any unnecessary clutter such as TV remotes, toys, or yesterday’s crossword puzzle, and light a fresh candle to freshen up the room.

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Margaret McHenry Maids is the choice for home cleaning services in Wichita for many reasons. Our Kansas-owned and operated company has been consistently voted a favorite/best in Wichita since 2010, and we maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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