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We all dream of the idyllic Christmas tree perfectly adorned with elegant baubles, cascading ribbon, and twinkling lights, but the reality of achieving such a tree is often easier said than done. While decorating a Christmas tree may challenge the perfectionist within ourselves, you can still accomplish glamorous holiday decor without hiring professional decorating services. This year, our experts at Margaret McHenry Maids, the choice for house cleaning services in Wichita, Kansas, share how to trim your Christmas tree like a professional. Learn more below!

  • Invest in a Top-Quality Tree

    The most important factor to consider when planning your Christmas decor is to invest in a top-quality artificial tree. When choosing your tree, remember to select one that complements your style and fits your living space comfortably. You don’t want to overpower your living room with a larger-than-life tree that detracts from the rest of the room! Also, take into consideration the tree shape and needle type, opting for either a traditional one needle tree or a modern mixed needle tip tree modeled after real trees. At Margaret McHenry Maids, the choice for house cleaning services in Wichita, our experts recommend purchasing a pre-lit Christmas tree to save you some time and allow you to focus on truly customizing your decorations.

    Interior Decorating Tip: Look for trees with evenly-spaced branches and ensure that each branch is accurately shaped!

  • Fluff the Branches

    The key to making your artificial Christmas tree beautiful is carefully fluffing each branch, ensuring that all branches are consistently shaped throughout the tree, appearing fuller and more natural-looking. While this can be a rather time-consuming task, your end results will be more than worth it! After setting up your tree initially, spread your branches while alternating their direction to cover as many gap areas as possible. Don’t be afraid to bend specific branches to work for your decor or cover additional areas of scarcity.

    Interior Decorating Tip: With an artificial Christmas tree, you can easily spread out your branches and reshape them as you desire to better hang ornaments and accommodate decorations!

  • Choose a Theme

    Every professionally-designed Christmas tree is centered around a theme! Tie all of your decorations together and provide a clear idea of how you want your decor to look by choosing a theme for your tree before decorating it. Not only will sticking to one color scheme make your tree look complete and cohesive, but it will allow you to incorporate your Christmas decor with the rest of your holiday decorations. Stick to some of the most popular themes like a traditional red and green Christmas, a winter wonderland of blue, silver, and white, or think of a unique theme that hasn’t yet been done.

    Interior Decorating Tip: Browse through decorating inspiration from your favorite design experts for new and innovative ideas. Check out some of our favorite tree themes from the experts at HGTV!

  • Utilize Tree Picks

    After your lights have been wrapped and are working, it’s time to decorate your tree with anything you wish to use beneath your ornaments, such as tree picks and ribbon. Decorative floral stems and picks are typically made from wire or plastic intertwined with flowers, twigs, and other adornments that help customize your tree. Utilize different lengths of picks, starting with the longest toward the bottom of the tree, and layer them from the bottom to the top. You may even combine multiple picks by stacking them into branches on top of one another! After incorporating your picks, follow up with any ribbon or garland you wish to hang. Use floral wire to attach the ribbon or garland to the tree and hang it at an angle around the entire tree to create a corkscrew pattern.

    Interior Decorating Tip: To fully secure your picks, use floral wire to tie them together before attaching them to your tree branches.

  • Add the Finishing Touches

    Once you have followed up with hanging your baubles and other ornaments, it’s time to add the finishing touches! An eye-catching Christmas tree topper and appropriately-toned tree skirt can help balance the overall design of your tree and produce a complete, harmonious look. The kind of topper you choose will reflect the theme and style of your tree. You may use a ribbon bow that seamlessly transitions into the rest of your tree if you have already incorporated ribbon throughout, or you may choose a traditional star or angel to complement your classic design!

    Interior Decorating Tip: When adding ornaments and decorations, you want your textures and colors to look random and evenly mixed throughout, so take frequent steps back to view your progress and make any adjustments as needed.

Seasonal House Cleaning Services

Once the decorating is over, it’s time to clean up! At Margaret McHenry Maids, the leading provider of luxury house cleaning services in Wichita, we can take care of all your holiday cleaning or special events needs.

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