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House Cleaning Services Wichita KSBring Autumn Indoors: Caring for Your Candles

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Are you already dreaming of cozy clothes, crisp weather, and everything pumpkin spice? Autumn is right around the corner, and the quickest way to bring those signature fall aromas into your home this season is through scented candles. From your favorite culinary-inspired scents like apple cider and pumpkin pie to nature-inspired aromas like cedar and pine, autumn candles are sure to bring added comfort to your home. And one thing is for sure; there is a definitively correct way to care for your candles. Thankfully, our team at Margaret McHenry Maids, the choice for house cleaning services in Wichita, Kansas, has provided some of our favorite tips for caring for your candles this season!

  • Achieve an Even Burn

    The first time you light your new seasonal candle, let it burn for a while to ensure that the top layer of wax melts evenly. The goal is to allow the entire surface to be melted before you put it out, or else it may develop wax rings around the wicks of the candles that never fully melt. This rim of solid wax is commonly referred to as tunneling in the candle world and is something you’ve probably experienced when initially lighting a new candle. It should take about an hour to melt the top layer of wax thoroughly, so ensure you have a sufficient amount of spare time to monitor your candle while it burns. The most common mistake people make with candles is not letting them burn long enough. Most candles are developed to burn for two to three hours at a time, so keep that in mind when lighting your candles to increase their longevity!

  • Keep It Clean

    After you’ve used your candle a few times, soot and other candle debris will inevitably begin to accumulate around the wick and on the top layer of wax. Be vigilant and clean out your candle jars as soon as you see these debris! If you forget to clean out your candles, debris can stick out from the wax and accidentally ignite the entire candle surface on fire. To clean your candles, use a dry towel and wipe away dirt or fingerprints, making sure not to use a wet towel as it may hinder your candle’s ability to burn properly. If necessary, use tweezers to pluck tiny pieces of wick trimmings from your candle wax.

  • Trim the Wick

    To achieve the perfect and even burn, it is important to trim your candle’s wick to the appropriate length. Our team at Margaret McHenry Maids, the choice provider of house cleaning services in Wichita, recommends checking the length of your candle wick, and if it is longer than the recommended .25 inches, trim it with your wick trimmer. Try to be as precise as possible and avoid trimming your wick too short. If you accidentally over-trim the wick, you run the risk of it getting lost underneath the wax and not lighting correctly. Once you’ve cut your wick to the appropriate height, relight your candle to ensure that it burns properly.

  • Store It in a Cool Place

    Just like food products, candles will expire with time, eventually losing their fragrance, experiencing discoloration, and becoming stale. Aside from the natural passage of time, light and temperature fluctuations can affect the condition of your candles by speeding up the aging process. It is best practice to store your candles in a dark and cool, preferably room temperature, room in between seasons to avoid excessive sunlight or drafty areas in your home. Additionally, try to light your new candles within 12 months of purchase to experience the most fragrant burn.

  • Use a Heat-Resistant Surface

    Burn your candle on a stable, heat-resistant surface to prevent possible heat damage to your countertops and other table surfaces. By burning your candles on a heat-resistant surface, you will also prevent glass containers from breaking or cracking. Remember to keep your candles away from flammable objects and children or pets who may be apt to knock them over accidentally. Overall, be cognizant of where you place your candles and be aware at all times when you are burning them!

  • Don’t Burn All of the Wax

    When it comes to using candles, many candle-lovers don’t realize they shouldn’t burn their candle all the way to the bottom of the jar or container. If you don’t leave a little bit of wax at the end, your candle may overheat in its jar and cause a mess. Most experts recommend retiring your candles when there is still half an inch of wax left in the jar! Once you’ve used up your candle, consider removing the excess wax by placing it in the freezer to shrink it or placing it on a candle warmer to wipe out the rest of the wax. Get creative and repurpose your jar by using it as a flower vase or orchid pot!

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