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Spring is here, and it’s the perfect time to decorate your home with some relaxing houseplants. Plants are known to have multiple benefits to your health and well-being—they can relieve stress, increase focus, and improve air quality in your home. Margaret McHenry Maids, the award-winning provider of luxury house cleaning services in Wichita, Kansas, has put together a list of the most refreshing houseplants to enjoy this spring!

  • Peace Lily

    Deriving its name from its oval-shaped flowers that resemble a universal truce signal (the white flags of peace), peace lilies have become one of the most popular houseplants for the spring and summer months. While these plants can grow anywhere from 16 inches to six feet tall, we suggest a more petite tabletop peace lily like the “Mojo Lime” or “Domino” specialty varieties. These tropical, evergreen plants are the perfect addition to bring peace and tranquility to your living space! To properly care for your peace lily:

    • Place your plant on a moistened tray of gravel, or gently mist the leaves to increase humidity around the plant.
    • Find a bright, well-lit area out of direct afternoon sunlight to place your peace lily. If your plant is not flowering, move it to a brighter location with indirect light.
    • Keep the soil moist, but avoid overwatering the plant. If the leaves start to brown, this indicates that your plant may need some additional water.
    • When watering your plant, use filtered, room-temperature water and avoid tap water since peace lilies are specifically sensitive to fluoride chemicals.
    • Fertilize your plant every six weeks with a balanced houseplant fertilizer.
    • Keep your peace lily away from cold windows or drafty doorways, and maintain an indoor temperature above 60°F (16°C).
  • Orchid

    Orchids are considered one of the most elegant and unique plants in the flowering plant family. Not only are orchids undeniably beautiful, but they have exceptionally long-lasting blooms, are incredibly adaptable, and easy to care for. Whether you are a first-time plant owner looking for something easy to maintain, or a plant enthusiast looking for something classic and elegant, you can’t go wrong with an indoor orchid. To properly care for your orchid:

    • Plant your orchid in a pot filled with stones, bark chips, or other material where water can drain quickly—a lack of oxygen will suffocate the orchid roots.
    • Water your orchid once a week, making sure the soil dries slightly before watering it again. If you are unsure how often to water your orchid, it is best practice to underwater it than to overwater it!
    • Place your plant near a southern or eastern-facing window to avoid direct light.
    • Ensure six hours of light each day.
    • Increase humidity around your orchid by placing a humidifier near the plant or setting the pot on a moistened tray of gravel.
  • Geranium

    Scented geraniums have intense colorful flowers that make for great houseplants. Typically available between March and June, geraniums will flower if provided enough light and can be purchased in various growth stages. At Margaret McHenry Maids, the choice for house cleaning services in Wichita, we recommend furnishing your home with a fully-bloomed geranium this spring! To properly care for your geraniums:

    • Plant them in a pot with drainage holes to help avoid rotted roots.
    • Avoid using heavy clay soils when planting in containers, as geraniums do not do well in compact soil.
    • Find a location where the plant can get four to six hours of sunlight daily.
    • Water them regularly, but allow the soil to dry fully between waterings.
    • Be sure not to overwater your geraniums in the winter months. View the proper winter care instructions here.
    • Fertilize every two weeks with a water-soluble fertilizer.
  • Lemon Tree

    Lemon trees are the perfect way to brighten up your living space and have become increasingly popular in the world of interior decorating. If you’re looking to grow an indoor lemon tree, we suggest choosing a dwarf variety such as a Libson, a Ponderosa, or a Meyer lemon tree. Most lemon trees take three to four years to bear fruit, so it is important to purchase a mature tree if you are hoping for immediate fruit! To care for your lemon tree:

    • Plant your tree in a pot with adequate drainage holes and use a compact soil to prevent overwatering.
    • Increase the humidity around your tree by filling a tray with pebbles and placing it under the pot to catch runoff water. The water evaporation will help increase humidity as it rises.
    • Place your plant near a window with direct sunlight to ensure eight hours of light each day.
    • Water your tree regularly, about once a week in the summer and every couple of weeks in the winter.
    • Fertilize your tree regularly with a balanced fertilizer.
    • Clean the tree’s leaves regularly. We suggest hiring house cleaning services in Wichita for regular maintenance!

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Margaret McHenry Maids is the leading provider of luxury house cleaning services in Wichita for all your spring cleaning needs. Our maids will perform our traditional deep clean in addition to conditioning leather furniture, cleaning plant leaves, detailing blinds throughout the house, and sweeping and dusting the front porch.

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Contact Margaret McHenry Maids at (316) 612-9300 or complete the form to request a complimentary estimate.

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