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House Cleaning Services Wichita KSBuild 6 Habits to Reduce Clutter at Home

House Cleaning Services Wichita

Keeping your house clean becomes much easier when you develop habits to reduce clutter. This year, focus on these six habits so you can declutter your home with minimal effort.


Don’t Let Publications Accumulate

Newspapers, magazines, and other publications can accumulate quickly. One day, you have a few stacked on your coffee table. A few weeks later, you have a teetering tower of magazines.

You can control clutter by recycling publications that you don’t read within two weeks. After two weeks, most of the information in the publications has become outdated. Plus, it seems unlikely that you’ll ever get around to reading them.

Go ahead and remove the publications from your house by dropping them in your recycling bin.


Empty Your Wallet or Purse Daily

At the end of each day, go through your wallet or purse to get rid of receipts, business cards, extra tissues, and other items. If you want to keep something, such as an important receipt or business card, store the object in a drawer or file cabinet that you’ve designated for documents that you might need in the future.


Sort Mail Immediately

It’s tempting to plop mail on a table or chair. Within a few days, though, you have an unruly collection of advertisements, magazines, and other correspondence. Bills and important items can get lost easily.

Instead of letting mail accumulate, sort through it as soon as you bring it inside. Once you sort the mail, put the individual items where they belong. You may want to recycle unwanted catalogs, shred credit card offers, and post bills on your refrigerator so you won’t forget to pay them.


Multitask While Brushing Your Teeth

Dentists say that people should spend at least two minutes brushing their teeth. Assuming that you brush twice a day, you probably spend four minutes a day standing in your bathroom.

Use oral hygiene as an opportunity to straighten your bathroom. Each time you brush your teeth, you have two minutes to organize your medicine cabinet, toiletries drawer, and bathroom closet. Multitask so you can accomplish more while you brush your teeth. A few minutes a day adds up to a clean, organized room.


Get Rid of Gifts You Don’t Need or Love

Like most people, you probably received some holiday gifts that you don’t want or need. These gifts have a way of sticking around and adding clutter to your house for months or years.

Take care of this problem in January by donating, returning, exchanging, or selling the gifts that you don’t want.

Before you donate an item, take a picture and send it to the donation center you plan to use. If the organization doesn’t need what you have, then you can send the picture to other nonprofits in your area. Doing this ensures that the organization will accept your donation when you arrive. That means you eliminate the risk of wasting time on donations that groups don’t want.


House Cleaning Services Wichita

If you need more information about reducing clutter and keeping your house clean, contact Margaret McHenry Maids of Wichita. Margaret McHenry Maids can also give you price estimates on services that you need to get your home in top condition.

Popular house cleaning services in Wichita from Margaret McHenry Maids include sanitizing bathrooms, scrubbing sinks and faucets, shining mirrors, and tidying rooms. With help from Margaret McHenry Maids, your six new habits to reduce clutter will keep your house clean with little effort.

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