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House Cleaning Services Wichita KS5 Days to a Clean Home

House Cleaning Services Wichita

Managing and cleaning your home steals large chunks of your time each week. Whether you have a busy family or live alone, it is comforting to have a sparkling clean home where you can relax and enjoy life. Your home expresses your personality, your aspirations, and your values. Tips to clean your home thoroughly, particularly when you have company coming or are hosting a party include:


Planning Before You Clean

Make a list of the necessary supplies. A clean and well-maintained home showcases the beauty and unique style of your home. Attack the areas first that aren’t as likely to get messy again before the party or your guests arrive.


Stocking Up on Supplies

Cleaning is much easier when you have all the supplies you’ll need. Running to the store to purchase a forgotten item wastes time and tends to dampen your motivation. Stock up on your favorite cleansers, paper towels, cleaning wipes, trash bags and anything else necessary to make your home immaculate. Carry the supplies in a handy caddy or bucket.


Cleaning Five Areas in Five Days

Day 1. Start with the foyer, entryways, and closets where your guests will store their coats. These areas give the first impression of your home. The tasks to prioritize are:

  1. Clean all areas and tossing any clutter.
  2. Clean the doors, windows, light fixtures and door knobs.
  3. Vacuum, sweep and mop the floors.

Day 2. Tackle the bedrooms, hallways, and staircases.

  1. Dust everything, including the ceiling fans, light fixtures, vents and all the spaces you often neglect.
  2. Clean door frames and decorative items with a cleaning wipe.
  3. Vacuum the floors, baseboards and definitely under the beds.
  4. Put your best, clean towels and linens in the guest rooms.

Day 3. Clean the bathrooms your guests will use. Remember, this is the area where most guests will snoop!

  1. Wash all towels and bath rugs
  2. Dust all light fixtures and vents.
  3. Disinfect the toilet, tub, shower, and countertops.
  4. Wipe down the cabinets and doors.
  5. Clean the bathroom mirrors.
  6. Mop or vacuum the bathroom floors. Pay close attention to baseboards where dust and hair may collect.
  7. Clean the shower liner.

Day 4. This is the time to clean the areas where your guests will gather, such as the living room, den and dining room. Toss any clutter.

  1. Dust everything, including the ceiling fans, light fixtures, and vents.
  2. Wipe down any doorways, mantels and wood furnishings.
  3. Vacuum the floor, furniture, baseboards, and underneath the sofa and chairs.
  4. Rub a dryer sheet over any hard surfaces that collect dust. This helps the areas stay dust-free longer.

Day 5. Tackle the kitchen where guests just naturally seem to congregate.

  1. Dust any light fixtures, vents or ceiling fan blades.
  2. Clean all appliances, and don’t forget the microwave.
  3. Freshen the garbage disposal by cutting an orange or lemon into fourths and running it through the disposal.
  4. Clean all the countertop, sink and cabinets.
  5. Take the trash bin outside and clean it with a garden hose and dishwashing liquid.
  6. Vacuum or sweep and mop the floor.

Since 1997, Margaret McHenry Maids of Wichita have offered homeowners flexible cleaning schedules and reliable, trustworthy cleaning crews. Our services include home management services and detailed home cleanings. En residence services include the kinds of tasks most homeowners only do during spring cleaning once a year!


House Cleaning Services Wichita

Our goal is to bring efficiency, convenience, and elegance to your busy life so that you will have time to relax and tend to the activities only you can do, such as attending your child’s spring recital or an important business conference. We offer competitive rates and provide expert, luxurious attention to your home or business. We realize that your home is your castle, and our teams at Margaret McHenry Maids in Wichita make it sparkle like one!

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