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Everyone wants a balanced life. Generally, that’s easier said than done. But according to the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui, balancing the flow of energy in your home could be as easy as cleaning out your pantry or rearranging your furniture. Distilled to its most basic form, the practice of feng shui aims to balance the flow of energy in the different parts of your home. The balance in your home is said to translate to all aspects of your life. For a better idea of how feng shui can attract good vibes to your home here are some tips to balance three influential parts of your home: the entryway, the kitchen, and the bedroom.


Let The Good Vibes Roll

Similarly to how you welcome guests through the entryway into your home, in Western feng shui, you invite good energy into your home through the entryway. So preparing your entryway well puts you on a path to positive vibes in your home.

Start by clearing out any clutter. Don’t block your front entrance on the inside or outside. That disrupts your home’s flow and creates negative energy.

Brightening your entryway invites good energy into your home. You can do this in many of ways, but adding a mirror or lamp can do it quickly and easily. A lamp adds extra light, and a mirror can bounce the existing light around the room.

Hanging joyful or uplifting artwork in your entryway impacts the mood of people who enter your home. Positive art in the entryway sets the tone for the energy in the rest of your home. Consider moving any somber art or pictures of deceased loved ones into a different part of your house.


Cooking Up Some Positive Energy

In your kitchen, you provide for your family’s needs to keep them healthy and happy. Directing the positive energy in and through your kitchen adds a spiritual boost to the physical nourishment your family receives.

One big way to improve the good energy in your kitchen is to repair or replace broken appliances as soon as you can. Appliances or tools that function poorly or don’t work at all deplete your energy.

When organizing your kitchen for feng shui, make sure opposing elements such as fire (your stove) and water (your sink) aren’t next to or directly across from each other. This can disrupt the energy in your kitchen. Sometimes, you can’t help that opposing appliances are positioned next to each other. In that case, do your best to leave some counter space between them, so they have room to breathe.

Get rid of any spoiled food or non-perishables you know you’ll never use. If you’re not receiving physical nutrients from it, it’s not nurturing you energetically either.

One of the basic tenets of feng shui involves clearing out before you add-in. Now that you’ve cleared out the clutter in your kitchen, you can add bowls of fresh fruit or flowers to invite in more positive energy.


Don’t Sleep On These Feng Shui Tips

You use your bedroom to refresh and rejuvenate your body, mind, and romantic relationship. Statistically, you spend a third of your life sleeping, presumably doing most of your sleeping in your bedroom. With that in mind, correcting and perfecting the flow of energy in your bedroom makes a lot of sense.

First and foremost, the easiest way to make sure the layout of your bedroom brings positive energy involves the position of your bed. Make sure your bed is in a “commanding position” against a solid wall and facing the door. This creates a protective energy around your sleeping area, allowing you to see and feel the people and possibilities coming through the door – physically and spiritually.

When you set up your bedroom, as in all things feng shui, balance is key. Arrange your bedroom to allow equal space on both sides of the bed. You could also add a side table and lamp on each side to add to the symmetry.

If you need help clearing the clutter and keeping the positive energy flowing in your house, call the professionals at Margaret McHenry Maids of Wichita and ask about their home cleaning services.

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