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What comes to mind when you hear the word “elegance”? Do you think, “stuffy”, “over the top”, too “sophisticated”? Or, do feelings of lightness, flow, freedom, passion and comfort envelope you? If so, then it is time to bring more elegance into your life. Here’s how:


Four Key Elements of Elegance

If you want to achieve everyday elegance, start with asking yourself these four questions:

  1. How do I plan my day?
  2. How do I nurture my home?
  3. How do I nourish myself?
  4. How do I present myself?

By focusing on these four things, you can put your energy into creating a home that feels elegant and comfortable—not just for yourself, but for everyone who steps into the haven of your home.


Planning for Elegance

How you plan your days determines how you feel after everything comes together. So before taking action on anything, stop to focus. Get clarity on how you want to feel. For example, what does elegance mean t0 you? How do you want to bring this elegant feeling into your home?

Think about what you truly desire and start with that. Do you want friends and family to be at peace when they visit you? Do you want to add more color to your home, so people will feel vibrant and creative? When you pause to honor your own desires, everything can flow after that. You create space for the kind of life you want to have, and the rest will follow.


You Are Special Enough

After planning comes home nurturing. This could be the tidying, cleaning and de-cluttering part. But rather than thinking about it as a daily chore, think of cleaning your home the way a gardener might think of tending their garden.

In a garden, the pruning, watering, and replanting are done with care. It’s a thoughtful work of art. Gardening cannot be rushed or hurried. A gardener must be patient, caring, and have a nurturing personality.

So it is in the “garden” of our homes. They are important spaces that support ourselves and our loved ones. If we nourish and nurture it daily, giving the tender care and cleaning mindfully, we will grow to be fulfilled and content in our homes and lives.


What Is Nourishment?

Part of achieving everyday elegance is taking the time to nourish our homes. But what does the word “nourishment” truly mean?

To nourish is to sustain. It means, to provide enough food or nutrients so that health, growth, and life can be experienced to the full. A malnourished child cannot grow to be a happy, healthy or functioning adult. In the same way, a malnourished home is no place to grow into maturity and passion for life.

When nourished well, the body is satisfied. When our homes are properly cared for, they become havens of rest, peace, and even an escape from the rest of the world. The love and care we put into making them beautiful spaces will show.


House Cleaning Services Wichita

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