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Keeping your beautiful kitchen sink looking clean and shiny between deep cleaning sessions elevates the look and feel of the heart of your home. This high-traffic area needs frequent attention, but the good news is that the payoff is huge.

Anyone who has remodeled or built a home knows that one of the most important fixtures is the kitchen sink. It sets the tone for the busiest area of the house while reflecting the style and personality of the people who live there. As an experienced home cleaning company in Wichita, we’ve worked with many stunning kitchens in the area. When it comes to keeping your kitchen sink looking brand-new, the good news is that no matter the material, color or age, gentle daily cleaning takes care of almost any problem.

In fact, unless the sink manufacturer specifically recommends using anything but a gentle and non-abrasive cleaner with a neutral pH, you just need to keep the sink clean with mild soap and water. Avoid using steel wool or other scratchy materials on the sink or you could irreparably harm the finish.

Here are some things to know about cleaning and maintaining the most popular kitchen sinks:


Stainless Steel

This non-porous surface is a common choice in commercial and home kitchens because it won’t harbor bacteria. Brushed or satin finishes are most durable. Hot pans left in a dry sink may permanently discolor the finish.


Granite Composite

Even though it’s made of more than one material, always treat a granite composite sink as if is 100 percent granite.



Avoid ammonia and bleach products. A gentle cleaning with Astonish Cleaning Paste is recommended for fireclay.



Citrus can stain concrete, so avoid acidic cleaning products and don’t leave food in the sink. Durability depends on the finish and polish level, so it’s best to consult the manufacturer before using any harsh cleaning products.


Natural Stone

Rinse with clean water after each use and wipe dry.


Cast Iron

Abrasive sponge pads and steel wool will leave black marks on the enamel of a cast iron sink. Heavy pots and pans may also leave marks. A paste of baking soda and water should remove light staining.



Prone to hard water spots and stains, this type of sink looks best when you routinely wipe it dry with a soft cloth.



Calcium and minerals can stain a porcelain sink, so remember to wipe it dry after each use.


Solid Surface

Abrasive sponges like green Scotch Brite pads will ruin the shiny finish of a solid surface sink. Instead, use a gray Scotch Brite pad or gentle cleaner like Bon Ami.


Engineered Quartz

Avoid using drain unclogging chemicals and skip the harsh abrasive pads. Small scratches make stains more noticeable, so use only mild dish soap and soft sponges to clean this type of sink.

When you have tough stains on your kitchen sink or the gentle cleaning methods recommended by your sink’s manufacturer aren’t effective, it’s time to call the professionals. Don’t risk damaging the beautiful finish of your kitchen sink by using abrasive cleaners or harmful chemicals. Leave this tough job to the cleaning experts at our home cleaning company in Wichita.


House Cleaning Services Wichita

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