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House Cleaning In Wichita

Your home is where you spend some of the best hours of your life – it’s your chance to relax on your own or with your family and to regroup and re-energize for the day to come. It’s hard to relax in a clutter so it makes sense that you would want to keep your home fresh and clean feeling all the time. However, busy schedules can sometimes get in the way of our goals – and it’s easy for clutter to pile up and chores to fall to the wayside when life gets hectic.¬†Here are some simple cleaning tips that can help keep your home looking and feeling clean when you only have ten minutes.


Take a Quick Sweep

When you’re pressed for time, give yourself just three minutes to take a quick sweep through the rooms of your house. This is enough time to scoop up dirty laundry and toss it in the hamper, bring dirty dishes to the sink, hang coats in the closet, etc. Even just a quick surface sweep can help improve the appearance of your home.


Use Storage Space

It’s easy to control the clutter in your home by reducing the amount of stuff you have out in the open. You can utilize extra storage space – like closets, basements, and garages – to move some things you have in the house into their own dedicated storage space. Switch out your clothes seasonally, put away kitchen items you only use in the summer and so on. Creating more space in your house can really minimize the look of clutter in a home.


Make a Place for Everything

If everything has a certain place that it’s supposed to be, then it’s easy to do a quick ten-minute tidy. If you don’t know where things go, that’s how your belongings end up looking cluttered and unorganized. Designate a spot for your most-used items, such as shoes, mail, jackets, kitchen appliances, and dishes, etc. Sometimes just having your belongings out of place can create the look and feel of a messy house – having a place for things will make it so much easier to create a tidy and uniform look in your home.


Get the Kids to Chip In

Kids can be culprits when it comes to clutter in your home. Teach them how to keep clutter under control by putting their toys away, folding their clothes, making their bed, etc. These quick fixes will help cut your job down quite a bit and will keep your home looking as tidy as possible. Then, when you only have a few minutes, you can focus on other tasks around the house.

Margaret McHenry Maids offers a full array of home management services, including detailed home cleanings and expanded residence services. The goal is to bring efficiency, convenience, and elegance to your demanding life. We know it’s hard to find the time to keep your house in tip-top shape so we offer competitive rates for expert, luxurious attention to your home.

Having a clean home can make a big difference in your life! Contact Margaret McHenry Maids for help with your cleaning needs.

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